9 different types of Pleated Skirts

What is a pleated skirt and the names of different types of pleated skirts including the tennis skirt and the prepleated midi skirt

pleated skirt types

What is a pleated skirt?

A pleated skirt is any skirt with vertical pleats starting from the waistline or above or below the hip level. As the pleats differ in the way the folds are made, so do the skirts. There are many different types of pleated skirts.

Different types of pleated skirts 

Box pleated skirt

box-pleated skirts

A box pleat results in a raised band of fabric with folds on either side. 

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Box pleat skirt with yoke

box-pleated skirt with a yoke

A wide yoke is given near the waist making it fitting there and then the pleats are added, usually at the hip level.

Knife pleated skirt

KNife-pleated skirt

This is a very common pleated skirt. Knife pleats are arranged on a waistband. Depending on the tightness of the pleats you can get a good fullness with this type of pleated skirt. 

Knife pleated skirt with yoke

Knife pleated skirt with yoke

Here the knife pleats are added under a yoke, avoiding the fullness near the waist.

Small knife pleated Mini skirt

Small knife pleated Mini skirt

This is a short skirt with very small knife pleats – Prepleated fabric may be used in these skirts.

Tennis skirt

Tennis skirt

In sports, a tennis skirt is a white, short, pleated skirt but in fashion, any color goes. A tennis skirt features inverted pleats which contain the fullness at the waist till the hips and then the fullness is released to give it a nice flare. It is currently very popular among young girls.

Full length pleated skirt

Full length pleated skirt


Pre-pleated Midi skirt

Pre-pleated Midi skirt

A skirt made of pre-pleated fabric.

Pleated hem skirt

pleated hem skirt

This skirt will have pleated ruffles at the hem – this pleated portion serves more as a trim.

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