15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

How to sew poncho - 20 patterns freePerson A: Oh man I’m so depressed, aren’t you sad for me?
Person B: Sorry, its just I’m wearing this poncho, and its impossible to be unhappy in a poncho!.

So says Urbandictionary. And so true.

You cannot but be happy and comfortable in a poncho, right?

A poncho is just a piece of fabric with a hole to insert your head. Can a sewing pattern get easier than that. For a beginner there is nothing like a poncho to cut your sewing teeth

By the way if you decide to sew a poncho in fleece , checkout the Do’s and Don’ts of sewing with fleece for some tips and techniques for easy sewing the best of winter fabrics – Fleece.

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns
15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

Child cuddle cape / Poncho 

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

As the name suggests this is a very  cozy warm cape /poncho your child will love to wear all the time. Very detailed pictorial instructions

Poncho tutorial

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

This one is from Martha Stewart 

DIY – Sew a Poncho 

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

Very creative use of leftover fabric to make a very easy to sew poncho 

One seam poncho

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

This one size fits all poncho is the easiest to sew with just one seam and can be used with any dress as a very pretty cover up.

Easy Fabric Poncho

easy fabric poncho

This is a very easy pattern ; you just need a 45 inch wide fabric and one hour to spare to sew it. 

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

Circle Poncho Raincoat DIY

circle poncho kids raincoat

Though this one looks very complicated it is actually very easy to sew this ; the author has given detailed photos to go with the instructions. Too pretty and practical not to sew this one for your daughter.

A Fab & Fashionable Ponch

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

This one looks so fab and fashionable on the  model anyone would want to know how to make this. I like the poncho disclaimer in the blog also 

Cute Poncho from old blanket

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

This tutorials uses a very pretty throw to make this easy poncho ; You too can use a shawl or throw to very easily sew this glamorous looking poncho.

Universal Poncho Pattern 

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

Very clear instructions with diagrams; this is all you need to make a poncho

Hiking Poncho 

15 Easy Poncho sewing patterns

A very practical Poncho pattern meant as a raincoat and cover up when going hiking ; this one also comes with a hood. 

Fleece Superhero Cape poncho

cape poncho pattern for kids

This superhero cape will keep your child very much warm and very much entertained. 

No sew fleece Poncho 

no sew poncho pattern

No excuse not to make this beautiful no sew reversible poncho. 

Now that you have made your poncho with your favourite tutorial check out this article on how to style a poncho. I especially like the belted look as I believe on short frames like mine the ponchos can look slightly overwhelming. If you want to add a hood to any of your top/ dress to make an instant hoodie checkout this free hood pattern.

Visit Sewguide.com again for more free sewing patterns and sewing tutorials 

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  1. Kinda disappointed after going through most of these patterns and finding essentially no patterns. They’re mostly just tutorials from amateur blogs, featuring geometrically impossible instructions like “pin the top edge from the folded edge to the edge (not folded), then sew the top edge to the folded edge” and frequent “visual aids”, all of which could be captioned “First, sew the poncho; Second, omg look so good in this xoxo me #bohemian #alternative #spiritual #LowQualityButPerkyAndAttractive”

    No doubt, some of them are nice designs and eventually (once you decipher the monologue) are fairly straightforward… but these are what I’d expect to see on divorcedcraftmom.com or yogurtbabe.org, and I’ve honestly seen better patterns in chronic alcoholism.

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  2. Been working on original design for competition quilt. Put it aside to make some of your ponchos and a cape (winter is coming). Like balm on my brain. Love you. Thanks.❤

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