20+ Best Fleece Hat Patterns

A list of free & best tutorials and patterns to make & wear fleece hats - the best way to keep warm during the winter. Patterns for men, women and kids

There are many reasons why fleece hats are so popular.

As you know, FLEECE is an insulating fabric, and hats with this fabric give you more warmth than many other fabrics. It is easy to sew with. It dries very quickly, even when it gets wet. It does not fray at the edges.

The advantages are plenty. In addition to this, these hats are very easy to make and even a beginner can start making hats with fleece with the sewing patterns, and tutorials given below.

When sewing with fleece, sometimes you may be able to continue with the regular sewing machine needle. It will depend on the type of fleece you have. If the regular sewing needle is not working, change the needle to one suitable for sewing knit fabric.

I have found that sewing with a close zig zag stitch is more suitable for this kind of fabric than the regular straight stitch

There are many types of fleece available like polar fleece and micro fleece.  Choose the best fleece you can afford or is available and go about making hats.

Checkout the post on different types of fleece: 

Fleece hat patterns

Beanie Bag hat Pattern

A hat that transforms into a bag to store all your mittens and stuff. Isn’t that convenient?  

Fashion Beret

This is a very easy beret sewing tutorial suitable for beginners in sewing. It comes pretty with some cute yo yos.

Fleet Hat Scarf

Very Easy to sew fleece hat cum scarf – a good addition to this winter’s wardrobe for your kids.

Kitty Hat 

kitty hat

Make this fun hat for yourself or your kid – it will surely add some interest to your winter dressing.

Dino Hat

I would say this is more suited for a kid but definitely fun for you to make. 

Child’s Beret tutorial

Beret pattern for girls up to 5 years old. This tutorial has Muff and scarf-making instructions too.

Cashmere Baby Hat

Very cute little hat-making tutorial. 

Fleece ribbon hat

This a great tutorial for a beautiful fleece hat – the ribbon embellishment is the icing on the cake.

Fleece hat pattern

This is a very easy-to-sew baby hat pattern which is printable with instructions.

Knotted baby Hat

A hat without any seams touching the baby – that is the highlight of this lined baby hat.

Fleece Beanie Pattern

Beanie pattern in 3 sizes. 

Polar Fleece Hats 

Easy to sew Fleece hat pattern from Martha Stewart with a nice chart for head circumference which is convenient to sew for different people with different head sizes.

Customised Fleece hats

2 hat patterns and tutorial to change the look to suit your child.

Hood and scarf

Make this hat which is a combination of hood and scarf.

Cute baby hats

Felt appliqued fleece hats – you can personalise them the way you want. 

Fleece hat and scarf

Easy to sew Fleece hat and scarf pattern from Joann.com.

Snood Pattern

A Jewish style fabric snood sewing pattern which can be made in fleece too.

Polar fleece ski cap

This is an easy to sew polar ski cap which can be sewn with or without the cuff.

Vintage inspired fleece hat

A very girly hat-making tutorial with a big flower embellishing it – pretty cute.

A cute cloche hat pattern

Hat pattern to make a very beautiful cloche hat.

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