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fingerless handwarmer gloves

Sewing tutorial to make fingerless gloves – 2 ways 

Method 1

Cut out 2 pieces of stretchy fabric (I am using a stretch velvet)  or knit fabric for making one glove.

Cut out wedge shaped fabric pieces of dimensions 6 inch at top 5 1/2 inch at the bottom and 7 inches in height

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Mark 2 1/2 inched down from the top; mark a 1 1/4 inch part – this has to be turned to the back twice (1/4 inch) and stitched in place – use a hand sewing needle and thread for this.

fingerless gloves

After you have stitched the 1 1/4 inch part – clip the seam allowance at either edge of this part. This will release the seam allowance. 

Mark a space 2 1/2 inch from the top and finish the edges

Do the same for the other fabric piece as well. Make the same stitching and clipping on the fabric – but do it on the mirror side. 

DO the same for both the pieces - mirroring each other

Hem the top and bottom edges. After you have finished both the pieces, keep them together and sew the sides. (red line on the picture is the stitching line)

sew the sides together leaving the finished

This will leave the part clear for inserting the thumb.

There is an opening on the seam for thumb

fingerless gloves DIY

Method 2

The second way of making a fingerless is to use the sleeves of an old sweater – this makes a very nice handwarmer fingerless gloves, if you can get it right and it is not a difficult thing; infact it is the easiest way to make fingerless gloves.

Cut out sweater sleeve hem

Cut off the hem part of the sleeves. Try it on your hand – If it is not tight on your hand you will have to tighten the edge with a stitch.

Turn under the edge of the cut edge with a hand sewing needle and thread.

Hem the cut edge

Mark 2 inch from the top edge. Cut a 1 inch long part with a 1/4 inch depth from the side edge.

Cut out a small portion at the sides for inserting the thumb

Do the same with the other sleeve part – it should mirror on the other side.

Do this for both of your fingerless handwarmer gloves

Finish the cut edge of the hole you have made with a hand sewing needle and thread.

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