Make an Easy Slouchy beanie hat – DIY Pattern & tutorial

slouchy beanie hat pattern

The best thing about this Slouchy hat is that it a very easy hat to sew and you can recycle your old clothes to make it. You absolutely do not need an excuse to wear this cute little brimless head hugging hat made by your own hand – having a bad hair day; too cold to go out coverless; need a matchy hat for your outfit; want to show off your handmade skills….

Slouchy Beanie Hat

I bet you have a couple of old t-shirts lying around at your place – yours or your kids’ will do. They can be made into  this ultra useful, extra cute slouchy beanies which you can and will make atleast half a dozen in one evening. They are easy to make and super super cute. Sorry I am repeating myself. They are that CUTE.

Materials needed to make this floppy hat

how to make a slouchy hat

An old t shirt (one with a wide bottom edge rim is good so a sweater is preferable but any knit tshirt also would do ) I am using an old top of my daughter.The only criterion is that you get clear fabric of length 11 inches from the bottom edge and width of 21 inches all around.


Thread to match

Tape measure

This hat can be sewn by hand easily but a sewing machine will make things faster.

How to make the slouchy beanie hat

Step 1

Mark the dimensions as per the picture below.Cut the two fabric pieces from the 2 layers of your tshirt

slouchy beanie hat

Step 2

Mark a dart measuring 2 inches from the top as in the picture below

beanie hat making tutorial

Step 3

make a beanie hat

Cut it out 

Step 4

Start sewing the dart; keep the piece rightsides together and sew with a tapering stitch with 1/2 inch seam allowance on top tapering to a point at the end.  

beanie hat diy

Step 5

Join the top panels to each other ; keep them rightsides together and stitch along the edge.

You hat is ready for wearing. ta da

You can make this reversible by making a similar one from another t-shirt and joining at the bottom edge, keeping right sides together. Do not forget to leave a small space unstitched to turn the hat right side out. Sew up the spot after everything is turned right. You have two hats in one go and a super cozy one at that. Or just give a cuff by adding a facing to the bottom  edge. 

For want of a model I have my paper mache kitten modelling for the floppy hat

hat pattern for slouchy beanie hat

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