25 free DIY patterns for FABRIC NECKLACES to up your style quotient

Wearing necklaces with any outfit can totally transform its look. This is especially true if your outfit seems a little drab ; you can totally lift it to a very very different level of fashion by accessorizing it with a necklace.

Be it a top or a dress or a very plain t shirt, a necklace will add that little zing which will make you outshine everyone else.

But If you are worried about the exorbitant prizes of all those statement necklaces you see in the stores which you totally covet - you don't need to any more ; Just have a look at the pictures below and compare them with any costly statement necklace - none of them come short.

You can make them yourself with minimal cost and wear it with all the pride of having made them yourself.

Check out these Fabric necklace tutorials ; clicking on the title or the photo will take you to the particular website.

Dior inspired necklace

This beautiful diy necklace is so seriously creative, If you can make this you will be the most classy person  wherever you wear it to. 

Felt Galrand DIY  necklace

Some pretty coloured felt and a few craft supplies are all that are needed to make this gorgeous garland necklace

Rosette Necklace tutorial

Make these from the fabric scraps left over from making those pretty dresses for your daughter and she will want a matching one with all her dresses. 

Neon fringe necklace

This stunning statement necklace is made with fringes and some ingenuity 

Button Necklace 

Use up all the buttons you have been collecting and make this very pretty necklace

Bib Necklace - yellow flowers

Very clear instructions to make this bib necklace with felt and tshirt scraps

Chunky braided vintage fabric necklace

Some scrap fabric and some jewelry supplies are needed to make this beautiful chunky necklace

DIY Fabric necklace

Like the author says it is a great feeling when someone asks where did you buy it from about something you made - If you make this necklace many are bound to ask you, for sure.

Fabric covered Beads necklace

These beads necklaces are so easy and fun to make following this tutorial, you will not be able to stop with making just one of this. 

Fabric necklace tutorial

This impressive looking necklace is made by Jenni from ispy-diy.blogsppot.com The simple DIY is perfectly explained with pictures.

T shirt Jewellery

I have so many tshirts to make them in all colours - love love

DIY Tiered Ombre necklace

Some white embroidery thread and dye makes this very beautiful ombre necklace. Let loose  your creativity and design your own shades. 

Peter Pan collar necklace

This necklace is so pretty it can be worn with all the collarless tops to give it a very chic look 

Braided rope necklace

Very pretty outcome from some common parachute cord. A stunning statement necklace

DIY Pom Pom Bib necklace tutorial

Such a cute necklace made with your favourite fabric scraps 

DIY Ombre tassel necklace

You do not even have to have tassels with you to make this pretty tassels necklace - some white embroidery thread and some dye makes this tassel necklace - let loose your creativity and design your own shades. 

or make your own tassels ( 6 ways to make them ) 

DIY Pin wheel fabric necklace

What a cute necklace from handmade fabric pinwheels. I really like making fabric pinwheels and can't stop when I start making them - all those scraps put to use. A fabric hoarder's dream come true.


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