Embroidered frame Pendants : 4 Easy designs

Wear your embroidered art as jewelry - Easy embroidery hoop pendant designs

embroidered pendant frame

Show off – When you wear these pendants, you will essentially be doing that, but no one will mind. People are always interested in art and embroidery is art ; the plus is, you are wearing it on your neck.

To make these cute embroidered pendants, you can cut out the fabric (base fabric for embroidery) a little bigger than the wooden base. Mark the outline of the wooden base and then add 1 to 1.5  inches extra all around. 

You can embroider inside this outline.

I have chosen to do a woven rose inside the design outline. To stitch this flower, mark an odd number of spokes (5 or 7) for the flower with straight stitches using a thin thread.

start embroidering inside the area of the pendant

Come up from the center of this with a thicker thread or thin ribbon.

start embroidering inside the area for the embroidered pendants

Now weave through the spokes with the needle and thread.

Making woven rose inside the pendant area

You will get a beautiful rose design in no time. If you want more ways to embroider roses checkout this tutorial.

small woven rose embroidered with leaves

Cover the base with the embroidered fabric.

gathering stitches made to gather the fabric edges at the back..
Gather the back of the fabric around the wooden base from the back

Using a needle and thread make long gathering stitches along the perimeter of the fabric (along the edge) and gently gather the fabric over the base. 

The fabric fully gathered at the back.

Tighten the gathering stitch and then anchor the stitch in place. 

Insert the embroidered base into the pendant frame.

The embroidered fabric base inserted inside the pendant and the back kept in place

Attach the back to the back of your work – use wood glue for this. 

The pendant from the front.

Embroidered pendant with full stitches

A variation is to fill the area with embroidery.

Mark the outline for this.

The area marked for the stitches.

Start embroidering all over the surface. You can use any of the filling stitches mentioned in this post ; I have used simple straight stitches for the grass and then added 3-4 french knots.

Start embroidered all over the inside of the marked area.

After that use the same method as described earlier to secure the embroidered fabric to the pendant frame.

embroidered fabric gathered around the base, the frame for the pendant ready to be assembled

Bead embroidered pendant

You can do bead embroidery also inside the pendant.

bead embroidery fill the insides of the pendant fabric

When during bead embroidery ensure that you are not doing any outside the outline, otherwise it will be difficult to fit it inside the frame.

Do the bead embroidere and then insert inside the wooden pendant base.

Another idea is to use 3-D embroidery flowers. 

Cast on embroidered rose on the wooden pendant

You can embroider the flower on another fabric, cut it out and use glue to attach it to the covered base.

Cut out the cast on stitch rose and attach to the base

Check out this post on the different bead embroidery stitches you can use

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