What is a Beanie ? What are the different types of beanies

what is a beanie

A beanie is a soft round brimless cap. It is a flexible head-hugging cap made of a stretchy knit fabric. It can cover your head fully and also can be stretched down to cover the ears, keeping all of your head covered and protected.

All beanies are soft, stretchy, and keep you really warm. The beanie is considered as a very versatile accessory that is at once a functional protective covering for your head, helping you keep yourself warm during cold weather and at the same time projects a cool and casual attitude. The beanie adds a chic casual look to your smart ensemble.

The Beanie can be traced back to long long back when the fishermen used to wear it in the United Kingdom. Soon it was adopted by the sailors and soldiers. You can understand the need – It does keep you level-headed come rain, hale or wind.  But the beanie, as we know it today, gained its popularity in the 20th century in the United States. It became a popular accessory worn by hipsters and college youth. Though it started as an accessory for men, and is still a popular accessory worn with formal and also casual wear, the beanie is now a unisex accessory as many women have added it to their wardrobe.

What are beanies made of?

Beanies are made of cotton, wool or acrylic. Beanies can be sewn with fabric panels using knit fabric or fabric with elastane or knitted (hand knitted or machine knitted) in a circular shape. The bottom edge of a beanie usually has a rib-knit construction. 

Most of the knitted beanies available in shops are made of acrylic yarns. They are a lightweight and inexpensive option over those made with wool. They do not wrinkle easily. They are easy to wash and quick to dry off. But they have a problem. When you wear beanies for a long there is this problem of head sweat. The synthetic beanies (acrylic yarns) available in the market may become uncomfortable with long wear. Acrylic beanies have their advantages; It is the best if you can get an acrylic beanie made with acrylic with special moisture wicking properties.

Cotton and wool are the best choices if you are planning to wear your beanie in hot weather (during summer and spring). Wool is the best choice for all weather because of its moisture wicking properties. It protects your head and keeps it warm when the temperature drops down and cool when temperature is up. 

Different types of Beanies

Classic cuff-less beanie

different types of beanies
Beanie without a cuff

These are the ordinary beanies without any folding or roll at the bottom edge

Cuffed beanie

what is a beanie - different types
Beanie with a cuff

These are beanies with a fold to the front ie. a cuff around the edge. It is usually made of thin material and the cuff which is folded up may have embroidery, writings, or some embellishement on it. 

Fisherman beanie

beanie names
Short beanie which doesnot cover the ears

These beanies are short beanies that are worn over the top of the head (without covering the ears). As the name suggests it was originally worn by the fishermen. The original purpose of folding the beanie over the head is not to cut off the communication when out in the sea. But nowadays it’s a very popular beanie.

Slouchy beanie

beanie names
Beanie that slouches behind the head

The slouchy beanies or baggy beanies are longer than the other two. It does not have a cuff around the edge. It has additional material hanging down the back of your head.

Pom Pom beanie

names of different kinds of beanies
Beanie with a pom pom on top

Pom Pom beanies are also known as bobble hats. These are cuffed beanies with a Pom Pom at the top. Pom Pom beanies may immediately bring a child’s image to your mind, but nowadays it’s a popular fashion accessory.

High top beanie/ Peaked beanies

name different kinds of beanies
Beanie that has a peaked shape

High-top beanies have space at the top of the hat. They are worn high on the head. They are often made with a stronger knit to prevent them from falling to the sides. The peaked beanies peak at the top of the head in a point,like an elf’s hat.

Ear-flap beanie

different types of beanie names
Beanies with a flap over the ears

These beanies have flaps over the ears.

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