How to make a Snood : Sewing tutorial

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snood sewing tutorial

What is a Snood ?

Historically a snood is a knitted accessory that confined long hair on the back of the head. Here, the snood is a head-covering accessory that also covers the neck – it is used as a protective covering in winter to protect the head, ears, and neck against the cold. It can also cover the hair as part of modest clothing and for prayers.

You can make this snood with any stretchy fabrics, including sweater knit fabrics, quilted jersey knit fabric, Minky, plush, velvet, or velour. For a lighter version suitable for summer, you can make it in jersey fabric, thin fleece, or stretch velvet.

A lining can be given for extra protection and warmth. You can use fluffy fabrics like fleece, or faux fur or a thin jersey as the lining material.

I am using a double-knit fabric cut out from an old vest.

keep the pattern on the fabric

As you are sewing a stretchy fabric, you can sew with a tight zig zag stitch for a good stitching line.

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How to sew snood – Sewing pattern & Tutorial

  • Cut out snood pattern
    Mark the pattern as per the picture below. snood pattern
  • Cut out 2 such pieces from your fabric
  • Hem the top side edge 14 inches from the top
    Mark 14 inch from the top and hem the two pieces along the side edges ( the edge which comes against the face)hem the top edge
  • Keep the two fabric pieces together and sew them together

You should be sewing the two pieces together on the front at the neck part (leaving the hemmed top part open, for the face opening) and the back of the pattern pieces – the red lines on the picture below shows the stitching lines.

sew a snood

Hem the bottom edge. Turn the snood rightside out. As easy as that.

snood sewing tutorial

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