Make an easy Hood – DIY Pattern & sewing tutorial

Add a Hood to any dress of yours 

Buying a hoodie turns out to be mighty expensive. What if you can turn any tshirt of yours into a hoodie by making this hood with scraps you have in your fabric stash and stitch it to your clothes. Instant Hoodie – yay.If you want a full on hooded scarf with pockets checkout this tutorial. 

Make the pattern first- mark it directly on the fabric 

When cutting the fabric, mark the pattern on folded fabric so that you get mirror images. If you are not , and If you are marking the pieces individually do remember to mark the pattern left and right. 

hood pattern

How to sew the hood


Step 1

Cut out the 2 hood pattern pieces and 2 lining pieces

hood pattern

Step 2

Sew up the top curved portion of the outer fabric right sides together and then the lining pieces right sides together

hood pattern

Step 3.

Keep the outer fabric an lining hoods right sides together. I have kept outer hood right side out inside the  lining hood which is wrong side out. Stitch them together along the front and bottom edge leaving a 2 inch opening

hood pattern

Step 4

Turn the hood right side out through the opening you have left open. Stitch the opening closed

how to sew a hood

hood pattern

Join this hood to any dress you have ( which has a high neckline ofcourse) and you have a quick hoodie. Remember to pin from the center of the back neckline. 




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