Faux fur Gilet (Sewing Tutorial)

how to sew a faux fur gilet jacket

Here is a sewing tutorial to make a Faux fur gilet – a very easy to sew sleeveless jacket ; it is a good outerwear to feel warm and cozy this winter, without being overwhelmed.

What is a gilet?

A gilet is a sleeveless jacket, usually made in a padded fabric or thick material- favorite outerwear just right for protecting you against the elements. Because of its padded/quilted material, it is a very good winter wear. It is usually waist length but it can be as long as knee-length or even longer.

Which fabric is best for sewing the gilet?

You just need a thick insulating material for making a gilet, but that doesnot mean you cannot make a summer gilet in a thinner fabric. It is your gilet, so make it in anything you want. Instead of the faux fur material that I am using you can use a plain quilted fabric or use a patchworked (pieced) and quilted fabric.

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When making your gilet with faux fur I have this to say first and foremost – check out the direction of the fur. Fur has direction and if this is different for all your pattern pieces (3 of them) it can look odd. So it is better to carefully plan the way you want the fur to fall and ensure that it falls in the same direction for each of your pattern pieces

How to sew the faux fur gilet

You will need approximately 1 meter faux fur and 1 meter lining material for a 19 inch long gilet. (fabric needed depends on your body size and the length you need). 

Step 1. Front pieces

Cut out 2 front pieces and 2 lining materials in the pattern dimensions given below.

Cut 2 mirror pieces each from lining and outer

Step 2. Back piece

Cut out the back piece and lining material in the pattern dimensions given below.

Now trim the lining material 1/8 inches from all sides – a little goes a long way but the lining has to be slightly smaller than the outer fabric.

Step 3. Sew lining

Keep the lining material on top of the fur material, right sides together; Join the edges at the neckline, front opening, armhole and hem. Leave the side and shoulder seams unstitched.

Lining and outer fabric rightsides together.

Because the lining is slightly smaller, you may feel that you have to stretch it to the edges when you sew – this is ok; when you turn it right side out the fur will turn to the back slightly and adjust.

Do this for all the pieces. Remember to clip the seam allowances. I would clip all the seam allowances – this ensures smooth turning.

Turn the 3 pieces right side out.

Step 4. Join the 3 pieces together

Now you just have to join the side seams and then the shoulders.

Step 5. Finish inside edges and make prick stitches

Finish the inside edges with zig zag stitches or binding.

You can make small pin stitches to keep the seam of the neckline near the lining lie flat. Checkout this tutorial for making prick stitches here.

Prick stitches to make the neckline flat

If you want a button opening for this gilet, you will have to extend one of the front edges by 3/4 inch or so, so that you can have a buttonhole stand. Or attach a small button on the top and make a thread button loop to close the button.

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