Flutter sleeved Top : Sewing pattern & tutorial

Sew a casual top with flared fluttery sleeves

flutter sleeved top sewing pattern

To make this top, cut out 2 fabric pieces of length 22 inches. You also need two fabric pieces (measuring double the length of the sleeves you want) to make the sleeves.

How to sew the flutter sleeve top

Step 1 Mark and cut the front and back bodices

Fold the two fabric pieces by the middle and keep them together. Mark the top fabric with the following pattern – this is for the back bodice. Cut it out.(If you have wider hips, calculate D-E as 1/4 of hips plus 1″)

Folded fabric in which the pattern for the flutter sleeved top bodice is marked

Step 2 Separate, Mark and cut the front bodice

Now remove the inner piece. Keep this aside as the back bodice.Mark on the remaining fabric (the outside one) for the front bodice.

The difference is only at the armhole – so mark the new armhole on your fabric as in the picture below.

mark the front armsyce of the flutter sleeved top sewing pattern

Cut out the extra.

Cut out the extra from the front amsyce

Step 3 Sew the neckline- front

For the front neckline make a facing piece. Cut inside C-B-E-D

Facing pattern for the neck of the top

Keep it on your front bodice piece and pin in place. Sew with a 1/4 allowance on the facing piece.(Red line is the cutting line ; white the stitching line)

Check out this post on making a facing pattern.

Facing pattern kept on the neckline of the flutter sleeved top

Cut the inner portion. Clip the seam allowance at 1/2 inch interval. Clip at the v neck joint as well(this is very very important).

The seam allowance clipping marks at the neckline for smooth turning
Clip all over the seam allowance so that the facing will turn smoothly

Understitch the seam allowance and the facing together so that the facing turns smoothly to the back.

Turn the facing to the back.

The facing turned to the back

Step 4 Sew the neckline of the back bodice

Use another facing piece to bind the back neckline. Cut inside C-B-E-D

Mark the back neckline of the flutter sleeved top

Hand stitch the binding in place at the back.

Step 5 Join the bodices together at the shoulder

Keep the two fabric pieces together rightsides to the inside and sew the two bodices together at the shoulder seams.

Step 6 Cut the sleeves

Decide on the length of the sleeve you want. Double this measurement. Cut out 2 square fabric pieces of this dimension.

Fold this fabric twice by the middle so that you have 4 layers. Mark a curve along the fabric as in the picture below.

Sleeve pattern for the flutter sleeve ; A-B is marked as length of the sleeve plus 3/4 inches

Open up the sleeve piece – you get this circle.

The circle shaped sleeve pattern for the flutter sleeve
Flutter sleeve pattern cut as a circle

Fold the circle by the middle.

Fold the flutter sleeve sewing pattern by half

Mark as in the picture below along the middle. Mark a line of length 7.5″. Divide the line A-B by  3. On the first mark make a line perpendicular which measures 2 inches to the either side.(C-D)

mark the sleeve marking on the flutter sleeve circle ; A-B is marked as 7.5" and c-d is 4 inches

Draw along the marks you have made.

mark a tear drop shape on the flutter sleeve pattern

Open it out and cut out along the marking you have made.

Cut through the markings on the fabric

It will look like this.

The sewing pattern for the sleeves cut and ready to sew to the top

This is your flutter sleeve.

the full flare of the flutter sleeve

On the top, the sleeve will look like this.

The flared flutter sleeve

Finish the edges of the sleeve with a hemmer foot – infact this is the only way you can finish the edges of this completely circular sleeve.

Check out this tutorial for sewing with the hemmer foot.

Cut two such sleeves (Do it so that they are mirror images).

Step 6 Join  the sleeves to the top

Sew the sleeves to the armsyce of the top carefully. Cut off extra, if any

Step 7 Sew the hem and the side seams.

First join the sides seams of the top and then hem the bottom edge.

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