Nightwear Set – Cami Top and Pajama Shorts {Sewing tutorial}

pajama shorts nightwear set sewing tutorial

A simple Cami Nightwear Set with a cami top and simple knickers in soft and silky satin = Comfortable and peaceful sleep

Here is how to sew this set.

Take measurements around the bust, waist and hip.

How to sew the cami top

Step 1 

Cut out the front and back bodice pieces.

For this fold two fabric pieces of length of the top plus 2 inches and mark as in the picture below.

Step 2 

Cut out bias tape. You need 2 long bias strips measuring 50 inches long – these serve as the binding for the armhole as well as the tying straps for your top.

You can check out the post on making bias tape here. If you do not have enough length, join the pieces diagonally as follows. Cut out the seam allowance and press the seam allowance open.

shorts-cami nightwear set 

shorts-cami nightwear set

Step 3 

Do the hem of the bodices. You have to make a narrow hem along the hem.

To make a narrow hem, first fold the edge to the inside and stitch very close to the folded edge.

shorts cami

Cut off the extra seam allowance carefully.

Now fold again as narrow as possible and stitch. You get a very narrow hem this way, which suits the curved edge.

Do this for front and back bodices.

Step 4 

Join the side seams.

cami top pajama shorts nightwear set

Step 5

Sew the top edge. Turn the top edge to the inside 1/4 inch once and then 1/2 inch and stitch in place.

cami top pajama shorts nightwear set

Step 6

Attach the straps. Take the bias tape and press it by the middle.

Fold the whole tape by the middle and start attaching it from the armhole seam.

cami pajama shorts set

Keep it along the edge and sew. Bind the edge. Check out this post on binding with a bias tape.

Sew the whole bias tape closed. Do not forget to fold the end edge to the inside

pajama shorts cami set

Turn the bias tape to the back and stitch in place. This fixes the strap in place. Do for the two sides.

Make the Pajama Shorts

Step 1 

Cut out the pattern pieces.

Fold two fabric pieces of the length of the shorts plus 5 ” extra by the middle, rightsides to the inside and keep in front of you. First you will be marking the back portion and then cut it out.

pajama shorts

Mark the back shorts pattern on the top part as per the pattern above.

Open it up.

Now mark the front pattern on one side and you have to cut the extra from one side.

pajama shorts


pajama shorts

The front side is marked as per the pattern given above. Cut it out.

Step 2 

Keep them together rightsides together to the inside and stitch along the crotch.

shorts cami set

Now turn it rightside outside and bring the crotch seam to the middle.

Step 3

Join the leg inseam.

Step 4 

Sew hem and waistband casing. When you sew waistband casing remember to leave 1 inch unstitched – to insert elastic.

Step 5 

Cut 1/2 inch elastic 3 inches less than your waist round. Insert this elastic through the casing at the waist.

pajama shorts

13 thoughts on “Nightwear Set – Cami Top and Pajama Shorts {Sewing tutorial}”

  1. Thank you. I try it. But after I cut both front and back, the back pattern is quite bigger the front piece. Which I don’t understand.

  2. Hi Sarina,
    The step below, could you please advise where the 5″ extra is to be left?
    Fold two fabric pieces of the length of the shorts plus 5 ” extra by the middle

    I did attempt these shorts in satin for my daughter and they turned out really well. Thanks so much for sharing the drafts.

    Do you have similar drafts with measurements on your site?

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