Lark’s head knot :Tutorial

lark's head knot

Lark’s Head Knot is an easy and very effective strong knot with which you can attach cords/thread to another cord, a stick or a ring. In jewelry making this is an oft-used knot- The kind of no-fuss knot which you will use to hang a pendant on your cord necklace and to attach fasteners at the end – simple and strong.

It is one of the basic knots used in Macrame. In Macrame this knot is used as a mounting knot. It is mounted on a support and the rest of the cord hangs down on this support. And the ridge that the knot makes is attractive.

How to make a Lark’s head Knot

You will need a base to make the knot – another cord or dowel rod or a ring. I am using a wooden ring. You also need double the length of cord.

Step 1

Take the cord, and fold it in half. You get a loop in the front. Take the loop over your ring/ dowel rod

Keep the cord folded on top of the ring

Step 2

Pull it down an inch.

pull down the loop under the ring

Step 3

Now take the other end of the cord through the loop.

pass the ends through the loop

Pull it tight. You have your Lark’s Head knot.

pull the cord tight forming the larks head knot

Hang anything and everything with your new knot.

lark's head knot  holding and hanging christmas ornaments

This knot when made on another continuously makes a good border for your project

Reverse lark’s head knot

A reverse lark’s head knot can be made by making a small change – in the first step instead of taking the loop over the ring/ dowel rod, you have to keep it under. Now when you take the cord inside and pull tight you will get a slightly different knot without the ridge under the ring which is visible on the original lark’s head knot.

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