How to make a Turk’s Head Knot

Learn to make a very simple and beautiful Turk's Head knot.
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To make a Turk’s head knot you need a cord of at least 100 cms

Step 1
Fold by half and start with that loop formed at the fold, left end under the right end . Most of the cord should be on the right side rather than the left.

how to make a turk's head knot

Step 2
Now take the left side end and take it behind the first loop to the right and bring it over the right end of the cord

turks-head--t-2-compressor (1)

Step 3
Now pick up the right end of the cord. You need to take it up and bring it to the left side weaving it through the loops ( over the first line, then under, then over and then under)


At this point when you tighten you get a small Turk’s head knot – which can be used for making Chinese frog fastners. Check out the post on making chinese frog fasteners.

Chinese Frog Fastener diy

Step 4
Now pick up the left end of the cord again, and carry it along the path followed by the cord earlier till the 4 loops are covered twice.

turk's head knot


If you need a bigger knot you can continue the looping once more. Another option is to keep a small round button or marble or stone inside the knot before pulling it tight. This will give you a bigger knot.

Step 5
Pull the knot till you get a tight ball or a loose knot, as per your preference. For making the button knot of the Chinese frog closures you need a tight knot.

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