The Double Half Hitch Knot

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Double Half hitch is a knot in which, as the name itself suggests, 2 half hitch knots are made. In Macrame, this knot is a very important element – considered the most basic, starter knot for a lot of macrame projects. The half hitch knot is made on a cord (the holding cord), one after the other to form the double half hitch knot. It is also called a Clove hitch knot. 

The double half hitch knot needs a minimum of two cords to a maximum of any number.

How to make a Half hitch knot

Follow the instructions given below.

Step 1

First you have to attach cords to a surface (here I have used a ring) using Lark’s head knot. Check out the tutorial to make lark’s head knot here.

Make larks head knots first

Step 2

Now take the left end cord and place it diagonally over the other cords. 

Keep the left cord and place it diagonally

Step 3

Take the next cord and over the diagonal cord to make a loop. 

bring up the other cord over the first one

Step 4

Now wrap it around the diagonal cord and pull it through the loop. 

Make a knot with the cords

Step 5

Tighten the cord around the diagonal cord and you have a single half hitch 

Tighten the knot

Step 6

Repeat the process to complete the double half hitch 

Knot the same way again

Step 7

Now, follow these steps with remaining cords.

repeat with the other cords

The Half hitch knots can be done in a straight line or diagonally as the design demands it

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