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The square knot is one of the most important basic knots you should know if you are into crafting, sewing, and making things generally. It is a very important knot in doing macrame projects – in fact, one of the two most important knots in macrame work.

In jewelry making this knot is used to securely and aesthetically knot two pieces of cords together

How to make a square knot to join two cords

square knot in jewelry making

To make this knot, take the cords you need to join and keep them side by side as in the picture below.

square knots

Cross them and take the ends under the either-side threads.

square knot diy

Take the ends and cross again.

square knot tutorial

Take the thread ends again under the either side threads.

make square knots

Pull the threads tighten which will tighten the knot.

how to make square knots how to do a square knot

How to make a Square Knot in Macrame

Step 1

To make a square knot, you need minimum two cords. Fold the cords in half and attach them to your ring using Lark’s head knot.

how to start square knot

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The outer two cords are called our working cords and the inner two will be our filling cords.

square knot -diy

Step 2

Take the left outer cord over the filling cords to make the shape of number 4. 


Step 3

Take the right end working cord under or behind the filling cord

and take it out through the loop created by our 4. 

square knots

Now pull the cord tight and we have our half Square knot. 

Now we are only half way through. To finish the square knot we have to repeat the process with our right end cord.

Step 4

Take the right end cord over the filling cords in the shape of 4. 

square knot making

Take the left end cord behind the filling cords and pull it through the loop and tighten it. 

how to do square knot for macrame

And we have our completed square knot.

square knot

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