How to make an Adjustable knot

Step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to tie a knot on a cord that can be easily adjusted to different lengths.

make bracelet with adjustable knot. 133

The adjustable knot is a very practical and versatile knot that can be used in a variety of applications where adjustability is desired. Most of the jewelry you make need fasteners – metal and plastic findings. But with an adjustable knot you do not need any fasteners for your jewelry – and it can be adjusted to any length. 

A bracelet or necklace made with an adjustable knot may not be the most fashionable thing in the world, but it has its charm – Just a piece of cord and a bead and you have a jewelry.

Here is a tutorial to make a bracelet made with cord and some knots which form its adjustable fastening mechanism. If you believe in lucky stones, this is an easy way to wear it around your wrist. 

First let us make a loop which holds the bead in its place.

Fold two pieces of cord of length 18 inches or so by the middle and keep the folded cords facing each other as in the picture below.

On one folded cord, you can insert your bead.

make bracelet with cord and bead

Bring the folded cord overlapping and take one of the fold up through the other. 

make bracelet with cord and bone bead and adjustable fastening

Bring the fold over the bead. Slowly tighten it.

make bracelet with adjustable fastening

Carefully tighten this – you will get a loop over the bead this way – the loop you slipped over the bead forms a protective binding over the bead.

Bring the thread on the right side to either side of this loop. Make a knot there.

make adjustable bracelet with cord

Now you can make a knot on the other side of the bead also to make it more secure.

To make the adjustable fastening, bring the ends of the bracelet to either sides.

make cord bracelet with adjustable fastening

Take another cord and bring it over this.

bracelet with adjustable cord fastening

Cross the ends of this cord.

make bracelet with cord and bone bead and adjustable fastening

Bring it up to make a knot.

cord bracelet DIY with adjustable fastening
make bracelet with cord and bone bead and adjustable fastening

Tighten the knot.

make cord bracelet with adjustable fastening

Now make another similar tie again.

make cord bracelet with adjustable fastening

You can make 2 or 3 or more such knots.

DIY cord bracelet with adjustable knot. 21 (1)

After you have made enough knots, cut off the extra cord. Apply a little bit of glue to the ends of the cord to secure the knot end – just so it wouldnot come off.

Ensure that the glue doesnot touch the cord at all – if it does the adjustable fastening would not work – the cord would be glued and not be able to freely move. Leave the ends as they are or add some bead ends or such nice findings.

With leather cords you need not make mutiple knots – just one knot is enough. Keep the cord ends overlapping. 

adjustable knots

Tie a knot each with either ends as done earlier – just one knot is enough here. 

adjustable knots

Adjust as you like. 

Make an adjustable knot with cord

You can increase and decrease the length of your bracelet or necklace with the help of this adjustable knot. 

leather cord adjustable knot

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