Make a Sling bag :Sewing tutorial

make sling bag

Step 1. Cut out the fabric pieces for the sling bag

To make this sling bag cut out 2 bag body fabric pieces and one flap piece from the outer fabric and 2 bag body fabric pieces and one flap piece from the lining fabric. You also need a 38 inch long bag strap – you can use webbing for this as I have. You also need a magnetic snap (or velcro) for closure.

How to make easy sling bag

The dart can be drawn 2.5 inches from the sides.

Cut from the outer fabric.

How to sew easy sling bag

And the lining fabric.

making a sling bag

Step 2. Prepare the main body of the sling bag

Sew the dart closed for the outer bag pieces and lining pieces. 

DIY sling bag

Assemble the bag. Join the 2 pieces of the main body . Do the same for the lining.

sewing tutorial for a sling bag

Step 3. Prepare the flap for the sling bag

Separate the magnetic snap.

How to make easy sling bag

Take the projecting part and attach it to the lining flap. Please interface the back where you will be attaching the magnetic snap – other than this use another piece of interfacing or fabric to give some more strength to the area.

sewing steps for making aneasy sling bag

How to make easy sling bag

Keep the two pieces of the flap – outer fabric and lining rightsides to the inside and sew along the outer edge as in the picture below. Clip the seam allowance. 

Turn the flap right side out.

Step 4. Assemble the bag

Keep the 2 bag pieces together. Your outer bag body should be ‘rightside out’ and lining should be ‘wrong side out’. Insert the outer bag body inside the lining bag body. Picture below

Insert the flap on the back of the bag body between the lining and outer fabric . Refer picture below – lining part of the flap and the bag will come together (Please make sure that this is done on the back part of the bag). Pin in place.

Insert the bag strap the same way – between the outer bag and the lining.

Pin the handle edge on the sides of the bag. 

making sling bags

Ensure everything is tucker inside well. Now sew the the top edge of the outer bag body and the lining bag together. Leave 3 inches unstitched at the front of the bag (without the flap) . Give two stitching over the handle and flap.

sewing pattern for a sling bag

Turn the bag rightside out through the hole you have left unstitched.

Step 6. Attach the other part of the magnetic snap

You have to find the exact position to attach the other part of the snap. Mark this place. Ensure that it will close properly. Insert hand through the unstitched hole on the top edge and make holes on the outer bag fabric and attach the snap.

After you have attached the snap, sew the hole closed. You can top stitch the whole area and also over the flap.

A small and cute bag.

make sling bag


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