Peter pan collar :Sewing pattern & Tutorial

peterpan collar

Peter Pan collar is a flat collar that stays close to a fitted neckline, with a slightly rounded front edge. It usually lies flat on the garment rising just a little above the neckline edge. This type of collar is usually used on kid’s dresses and women’s blouses.

How to draft a Peter Pan collar pattern

For drafting this collar, first draft your bodice patterns on paper (without the seam allowance)

Now keep the front and back bodice patterns joined at the shoulder.

The two bodices joined together at the shoulder seams

Draw the collar shape.

Draw the collar shape

Cut it out.

The collar shape cut out

You can make two cuts along the outeredge if you want it to lie flat.

Add a little extra flare

How to draft a peter pan collar for an existing top/dress

You need a dress or top with a curved neckline – boat neckline, scoop neckline, and crew neckline are alright, but the best is a crew neckline. If it is a tshirt, do cut out the hard neckline edge before making the pattern.

The neckline stretched on a paper

Fold the bodice so that the shoulder seam comes in the middle and half of the front and back necklines are exposed. Draw the outline of the neckline of your bodice. Now mark 2.5 inches outside from this outline – this is the width of your neckline.

Mark the peterpan collar

This is your collar pattern without seam allowance. Cut one piece of interfacing in this pattern.

When you cut on the fabric place the pattern on a folded fabric and then add seam allowance all around (not at the folded edge). Cut it out.

Cut out the collar shape

Cut the collar piece twice – you need an upper collar and under the collar.

Cut out the pattern from fabric
peterpan collar pieces cut out

How to sew your Peter pan collar

For the Peterpan collar, you need about .25 meters of cloth – It will be better to make the collar in a contrasting color to the bodice – this will make the collar stand out.

First, you need some stiffness to your collar – apply interfacing to the piece of collar you mean like the back of your collar. ie the under the collar.

Keep the pieces rightsides together ; sew along the outer edge

Now keep the two collar pieces right sides together. Sew the outer edge of your collar with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Clip along the seam allowance every 1/2 inch or so. You can press the seam allowance open, at this point. This will turn your collar very neatly.

Turn the peterpan collar rightside out

Turn the collar right side out. Press your collar.

finished peterpan collar

Stay stitch the neckline to keep the neckline from stretching. If you are applying zipper as opening add the zipper before adding the collar.

Keep your collar along the neckline edge.

The collar to be attached

You have to match the center of the neckline and the collar.

Add the collar

Now baste stitch the collar over the neckline – you can hand stitch or machine stitch. You can start from the middle of the back towards one of the fronts. Now start from the middle to the other side.

Cut out a 1 1/2 inch wide bias tape (it should be the length of the neckline edge plus 3/4 inch as overlap). Fold the bias tape by the middle and press in place.

Use a biastape as facing for the edge
Keep folded bias tape along the edge, folded part to the outside

Keep the bias tape folded over the collar edge. Stitch in place.  When you reach the end fold the short edge and overlap the edge by 1/2 inch. if there is an opening in the back, start from one side of the zipper and finish at the other side – remember to fold the short edge at the start and finish.

Turn the bias tape to the inside of the neckline.

The facing stitched to the inside

Stitch this in place from the inside. 

Peterpan collar

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