50+ types of COLLARS – choose the best one for you.

Do you know that earlier collars were mostly detachable from clothes. Today collars are integral parts of most of our clothing. It frames the face, keeps your neck warm, gives the whole garment an elegance. 

Collars started out as something of a dilemma to me as for many others when I started to sew. But they are such an unavoidable design feature that there is a need to know the types of collars and the way to sew them if you are seriously into sewing, or even if you simply like clothes.

Different types of collars

Collars can be sewn to the garment or detachable. Other than that, basically, there are just 3 types of collars – the stand collar, flat collar and the roll collar. The names are self-explanatory enough. 

  • Stand collar fits around the neck. It is basically a band which stands upright on the neck.
  • Roll collar is a stand collar which is then folded or rolled over.
  • Flat collar is found flat on the shoulders.

All the other collars are variations of these basic styles.

different types of collars

  • Shirt Collar with stand

This is the most common type of collar you see on shirts. You can learn more about the 15 different types of shirt collars here.

types of collars shirts collars

Learn to sew a shirt collar with stand here.

  • Button down collar

A shirt collar with buttons on the points fastening it to the shirt. 

kinds of collars
  • Straight band collar

This collar consists of  band of fabric encircling the neck

all types of collars
  • Buttoned Band collar

collar types
  • Shawl collar

A turned down collar with a wide lapel

many types of collars
  • Mandarin collar / Nehru collar / Mao collar / Cadet Collar

collar types

This is a band collar – the collar has a cut in the center front with rounded or square corners.

  • Polo/ roll/ turtle collar

different kinds of collars

This is a high collar which is rolled down.

  • Ruffle collar

This collar has a ruffle attached to it.

collar types
  • Peter pan collar

many kinds of collar

This is a flat collar with rounded corners. Also called Claudine collar. Read more on drafting peter pan collar here.

  • Bermuda Collar

This is a flat collar with square edge at the center front instead of the rounded corners of the Peterpan collar.

bermuda collar - types of collars
  • Puritan collar / Pilgrim Collar

puritan collar

It is similar to a Bermuda collar or Peterpan collar but the pilgrim collar or puritan collar is wider.

  • Funnel Collar

collar types

This is a wide standing collar which stands a little away from the neck and face.

  • Quarter zip collar

This is a band collar with zip attached. This collar is usually used in sweatshirts, jersey jackets and sweaters.

  • Shaped shawl collar

  • Albany collar

Albany collar is a turned down cutaway collar.(Cutaway collar is a collar with a wide spread)

  • Ring collar

all types of collar
  • Bateau collar

collar types
  • Wing collar /Wing tipped collar / Pointed wing collar
types of collar in dresses
  • Rounded wing tipped collar/ Butterfly collar

Instead of the pointed ends this collar has rounded ends. 

  • Butterfly collar

A variation of the wing tipped collar with large lapels ; A style worn by John Travolta in the movie “Saturday night fever”.

many types of collars
  • Dog ear Collar

  • Cossack collar

This is a high standing collar opening to one side.

collar types
  • Bishop collar

  • Tab collar

Tab collar also refers to men’s shirt collars with a tab for fastening the tie knot between the collar button and points of the shirt

  • Revers collar

different types of collars

A Revers collar is a notched collar with square corners on the collar as well as the lapel.There are many variations to this type of collar.

  • Fish mouth revers

collar types
  • Clover revers

different kinds of collars
  • L  revers collar

  • Tuxedo collar

  • Giraffe collar

different kinds of collars
  • Danton collar

collar types
  • Napoleon high coat collar

  • Sailor collar

collar types
  • Collar with Modesty panel

Also called Modesty collar, this is a vintage style detached collar. It looks like a bib which is attached to a band collar.

  • Bertha collar

This is usually a wide lace collar with a low neckline. It can be available as a detachable collar.

bertha collar
  • Dutch collar

  • Chelsea collar

types of collars
  • Poerrot collar

different types of collars
  • Ruff collar

collar types
  • Frilled Stand collar

collar types
  • Stand Collar with a knot

collar types
  • Van dyke collar

collar types
  • Bertha collar Square

collar types
  • Falling band collar

falling band collar style
  • Partlet collar

collar types
  • Cape collar

collar types
  • Cascade collar/ jabot collar

Jabot is a decorative piece of fabric attached to the base of the neck by means of a collar. A cascade collar can be a similar collar with a fabric cut in a flounce shape arranged as a cascade attached to it.

  • Bib with frill collar

different types of collars
  • Eton collar

collar styles in fashion
  • Ascot collar

ascot collar style
  • Cowl Collar

collar styles cowl
  • Carcaille collar

  • Convertible open collar

This is a one piece collar that lies flat.

types of collar styles
  • Convertible closed collar

collar styles
  • Gorget collar

gorget collar -different types
  • Fichu collar

This is a vintage style wide collar made of embroidered fabric or lace. It can be removable as well as fixed. Fichu originally is a triangular shaped cotton fabric that is worn as a shawl across the neck and shoulder over low cut gowns – the fichu collar looks like this. Refer this page to know more about Fichu

fichu collar
  • Pussy Bow collar / Tie neck collar

  • Turned up collar
different types of collars
  • Barrymore Collar

This is a shirt collar with long tapered points. 

barrymore collar -different types
  • Johnny collar

This is a high stand collar combined with a V neck. It is usually a small high stand collar.

johnny collar-different collar types
  • Portrait collar


  • Tulip Collar

This is  a roll collar that overlaps along the button giving a tulip /petal effect.

  • Clerical Collar
collar types
  • Nehru collar

This is the collar found on the vests and jackets worn by the of first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru – a close-fitting, stand up collar. Another name is Mandarin collar. 

types of collar
Nehru collar


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34 thoughts on “50+ types of COLLARS – choose the best one for you.”

  1. I cannot find a name for this type of collar…seems to be incorporated from princess seams on a shirt. It rises high in the back and sides (about jaw length) then splits open toward chin and goes down to a “V”.

    Do you have ANY idea what this is called? I am not very good at drafting….

  2. Hello,
    Is there a name for the vintage type of asymmetric collar (like on this jumper:reignvintage .com /product/peach-green-striped-jumper-with-batwing-sleeves-asymmetric-collar-s-m/ ). I remember seeing a coat from 60s or 70s with such collar and two big buttons on it. I would loSve to have it on some of my tops.

  3. Italianate collar? Like a shawl collar but cut on bias, so rolls more beautifully. I have looked many places in vain for how to draft this collar.

  4. What in the world did you do to this website? You took out the many tutorials you had before. I’m looking for the tutorial for the Nehru collar and cannot find anywhere. It’ s a mess and a huge disappointment.

  5. You neglected to mention the Capri collar. Unless of course I overlooked one of the above mentioned collars that is very similar in shape.

    This Capri casual dress collar on a blue and white striped short sleeved shirt was worn by James Bond, 007 (actor Sean Connery) in the movie Dr. No.

    Click link below to see example.

    https:// i1.adis.ws/i/orlebarbrown/ ORLEBAR-BROWN-THUNDERBALL-STRIPE-SHIRT-RIVIERA-WHITE_272088_CAMPAIGN_2?w=100&h=100&qlt=80&img404=404&v=1

  6. Marina
    Such a nice comment – very happy to read your appreciative words. Thanks. I also happen to love what I write so will continue.: )

  7. Thank you for this website. I feel lucky to find it! Please, do not stop working on it. It helps me and ,I am sure ,many in their exciting journey into discovery of the world of fabric and what everything what relates to it!

  8. It’s very useful website…but some of patterns not have sewing steps…if uploaded that the website is more effective for learner’s…

  9. Hi Alka
    Thanks for the comment ; it feels great to know that this site has been of use to you. You didnot find further details for the revers collar because I havenot written it – yet.This site is a work-in-progress and I will do it shortly. Hope you will use the search in the menu for what you want to find

  10. You have uploaded so many things related to patters, designs, etc. but I felt difficulty in searching for step by step sewing guide for those patters, designs. Is it possible that if I want to learn a particular pattern e.g. revers collar, I can learn it through the website. Beside it I liked your work very much as you have described so many things which I didn’t know before.

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