15 popular T-shirt Printing Design ideas

t shirt printing designs

Printing your own custom t-shirt, for yourself or for your customers, involves brainstorming for your perfect design idea. Actually, today it is not a big deal. The internet is full of templates that you can copy and print as your own. But to be able to stand apart from all the clones out there, you … Read more

How to string beads on thread

When you have a mind to make a nice litlle beaded strap for a purse or a cute little bracelet or even a flashy hip belt, you have to string your own beads and that too securley, so that it doesnot come apart as you go about your business. What to string the beads on?What … Read more

50 Fashion faux pas scenarios and how to avoid them

Do you tend to not do something simply because you’ve been told to?. I can relate to it but if you’re thinking about skipping the fashion faux pas mentioned here in that way, maybe not. A fashion faux pas is a french fashion term for a mistake made in fashion that is against acceptable standards. … Read more

How to protect yourself from Dry Cleaning Chemicals

My cousin dry-cleans all his clothes, and he has thyroid issues. I am a bit of a hypochondriac and very paranoid about health, but is it right to correlate these two, and am I really adding up two unrelated things and coming up with 10? In my defense, It is proved unequivocally that “some” dry … Read more

How to sew with Jersey fabric

sewing tips for jersey fabric

The first time I sat on my new sewing machine to sew, I thought I would start with an easy job. My T-shirt was a little too long. I decided to cut it short and then hem it. It was my first time attempting to sew after dreading sewing for a long time and keeping … Read more

What is your laundry detergent made of?

My aunt always buys the same brand of laundry detergent as it is available in big packets with good discounts. My mother-in-law swears by a particular brand of detergent – because it smells good. I choose one which is gentle on my daughter’s sensitive skin. And my sister buys hers because she gets it in … Read more

French fashion words ( & their English meanings)

If you have even a fraction of interest in fashion, you cannot escape from many french fashion words. Even the terms I never knew were French seem to be irreplaceable in fashion, like chiffon, tulle, costume, denim, Mannequin, Satin….. There are many more. And french fashion designers like Chanel and Balenciaga undeniably ruled and still … Read more

Bright colors in fashion

When my daughter colored her whole hair a bright shade of cobalt blue, she got all the attention she needed and more from all kinds of random people. I guess the whole point of bright colors is self-explanatory. There is a vast range of bright colors used by fashion designers to bring us all the … Read more

Square Neckline : Different types & the best one to choose for you.

square neckline

I searched my wardrobe for one square necklined garment and couldn’t find one. That does not say anything about the popularity of this neckline, of course. But this is not a neckline for everyone and every period. It was in high fashion once upon a time, then disappeared and appeared on and off and suited … Read more

Different types of Wrap around clothing

A wrap style garment consists of a piece of fabric that wraps around the body and ties at the waist. The wrap is secured with buttons or ties on the inside or outside edges.  This type of clothing has been around for a long, long time – first, it is a very easy construction. You … Read more

Olive green color clothes : What to wear with them.

When I want to wear something that is not too attention-grabbing and won’t make me stand out in a crowd (maybe, introverts can empathize), olive green is my go-to color. But that makes it seem like it is a drab color. It would be unfair to classify olive green as a safe color that is … Read more

9 clothes that can turn FATAL if you are not careful

dangerous clothes

You generally never tag ‘clothes’ as being fatal to anyone. But, if you read on, you will find how dangerous some of the most trendy clothes can be! Skinny Jeans and skin-tight pantsSkinny Jeans and skin-tight pantsPencil skirtsCorsetsClothes with drawstrings around the neckTiesClothes made of synthetic materialIll-fitting BrasFast fashion clothes The circulation-blocking nature of these … Read more

How to use Spray Starch or Sizing

Us humans always try to find the easiest way to do a job. That is how smart we are (or is it laziness?). Spray starch is ‘that’ smart way to starch at the last minute. The easy way to a beautifully crisp, pressed garment. Have you tried it? Here is my experience when I did. … Read more

Regency Era Clothing Styles

regency clothing

Regency Period: 1811 to 1820 (Early 19th century) Political Background: King George IV acted as Prince Regent because of the illness of King George III. Charlotte of MecklenburgStrelitz, was Queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland as the wife of King George III. Social Background: Prince Regent George IV was a colorful personality. And the … Read more

Bandhani Prints and printing on fabrics

bandhani prints

In Hindi, the term ‘Bandhan’ means ‘tie’ and ‘Bandhna’ means ‘to tie’. It is a no-brainer that in textile dyeing, Bandhani (Hindi: बांधनी) is the art of tying and then dyeing. But there is something special about this type of tie-dyeing called bandhani. The patterns are small and several and can be specifically arranged to … Read more

Importance of Fairtrade Textiles and Clothing in our lives


There was a period in the history of mankind when we didn’t care about where our clothing came from. Today that is not the case. Many of us care where our clothing is coming from, whether it is made in a place where laborers are ill-treated etc. But business is never fair. Unscrupulous companies will … Read more

How to wash Pashmina shawls.

how to wash a pashmina shawl

Pashmina shawls are soft, fine, woolen shawls that are the pride of their owners. They are made from one of the finest animal fibers, from the silky undergrowth of cashmere goats. They are hand woven on hand looms. The fabric is very costly. And it is wool! All these facts make you concerned about what … Read more

A look at Hanbok & other Traditional Korean Clothing


Watching countless Korean historical drama series does not make one an expert in Korean clothing. But it did make me highly interested and invested in it. And then reading about it opened up a world of beautiful Hanboks, Chima skirts, and other fabulous clothes. Traditional Korean clothing mainly consists of Hanbok (Called Cheoson-ot in North … Read more

Drop-shoulder style in fashion

drop shoulder style

A drop shoulder style is one where the armhole extends and slopes down past the natural shoulder line. If there is a sleeve, it does not begin at the natural shoulder line but down below, usually 1-4 inches below. The main characteristic of a drop-shoulder style is that the bodice droops over the arms. It … Read more