How to use Spray Starch or Sizing

Us humans always try to find the easiest way to do a job. That is how smart we are (or is it laziness?). Spray starch is ‘that’ smart way to starch at the last minute. The easy way to a beautifully crisp, pressed garment. Have you tried it? Here is my experience when I did. … Read more

Regency Era Clothing Styles

regency clothing

Regency Period: 1811 to 1820 (Early 19th century) Political Background: King George IV acted as Prince Regent because of the illness of King George III. Charlotte of MecklenburgStrelitz, was Queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland as the wife of King George III. Social Background: Prince Regent George IV was a colorful personality. And the … Read more

Bandhani Prints and printing on fabrics

bandhani prints

In Hindi, the term ‘Bandhan’ means ‘tie’ and ‘Bandhna’ means ‘to tie’. It is a no-brainer that in textile dyeing, Bandhani (Hindi: बांधनी) is the art of tying and then dyeing. But there is something special about this type of tie-dyeing called bandhani. The patterns are small and several and can be specifically arranged to … Read more

Importance of Fairtrade Textiles and Clothing in our lives


There was a period in the history of mankind when we didn’t care about where our clothing came from. Today that is not the case. Many of us care where our clothing is coming from, whether it is made in a place where laborers are ill-treated etc. But business is never fair. Unscrupulous companies will … Read more

How to wash Pashmina shawls.

how to wash a pashmina shawl

Pashmina shawls are soft, fine, woolen shawls that are the pride of their owners. They are made from one of the finest animal fibers, from the silky undergrowth of cashmere goats. They are hand woven on hand looms. The fabric is very costly. And it is wool! All these facts make you concerned about what … Read more

A look at Hanbok & other Traditional Korean Clothing


Watching countless Korean historical drama series does not make one an expert in Korean clothing. But it did make me highly interested and invested in it. And then reading about it opened up a world of beautiful Hanboks, Chima skirts, and other fabulous clothes. Traditional Korean clothing mainly consists of Hanbok (Called Cheoson-ot in North … Read more

Drop-shoulder style in fashion

drop shoulder style

A drop shoulder style is one where the armhole extends and slopes down past the natural shoulder line. If there is a sleeve, it does not begin at the natural shoulder line but down below, usually 1-4 inches below. The main characteristic of a drop-shoulder style is that the bodice droops over the arms. It … Read more

Stone wash jeans : How to Do-it-yourself at home.

stone wash jeans

If you remember stonewashed jeans of the 1980s, you would also remember the craze it was. And the trend for distressed faded jeans never died. Today, If you like faded, distressed, and soft, light blue jeans in the place of dark, stiff jeans but like a do-it-yourself route to this, rather than buying them for … Read more

Dress like a Punk – DIY clothing ideas

punk diy clothing ideas

If you love punk rock or just one particular band, or you don’t care, it does not matter. If you want to spend a lot or as little as possible, following the punk style – this also does not matter. That is the beauty of punk fashion style -it does not matter what you do … Read more

Warp & Weft of fabric & their role in weaving

warp and weft of fabric

When you get interested in fabrics, you will inevitably be fascinated by how the threads interlace together in woven fabrics to form their basic structure. And warp and weft yarns form the basis for the fabric structure. The weaving process involves two distinct elements: warp and weft yarns. Understanding these integral components of fabric production … Read more

Witch outfit ideas : 10 elements to consider

how to dress like a witch.

A witch had a negative connotation for a long, long time. But now that anti-heroes are becoming more popular than heroes, a witch is also having a renaissance of sorts. You definitely do not want the tragic life of Wanda Maximoff, the scarlet witch, but you can sympathize with her and may even want to … Read more

Sew a Witch Hat (Tutorial)

Witch hat

Fabric for the Witch Hat I am using a nonwoven fabric in black color for my hat. It is slightly stiff and thick enough not to want a stabilizer/ interfacing or batting inside to stand on its own. But this material is not washable or iron-able. You can use any fabric that is stiff to … Read more

Mustard Yellow color combinations that work for clothes

If you are an arthoe fashion aesthetic enthusiast, your color palette for clothes already includes mustard yellow. But even if you are not, there is no way that you would have passed the fascination for mustard yellow – it has been a trendy color for quite some time now. May be not the hottest color … Read more

Flounce sleeve : 3 main types

flounce sleeve

Why should you be behind when everyone is wearing one exaggerated sleeve after the other? And if you have a flounce sleeve on your dress, you have one, and a pretty one at that, without the extra fullness of the usual eye-catching sleeves.  What is a flounce sleeve? A flounce sleeve is a very feminine … Read more

Cottage Core Fashion Style : How to dress in this aesthetic

cottage core fashion style.

Gen Zee kids add core to everything. My daughter even branded me as Hitler-core when I gave her time out. Today there are so many cores in lifestyle and fashion. And believe me, Cottage core is one of the better ones. This was a very popular trend in the 2018, and it started as a … Read more

Basketweave Fabrics

basket weave fabrics

Have you noticed how a straw basket is woven? There is a distinct pattern to it. The basket weave pattern on woven fabrics takes after this pattern of weaving on the baskets, I guess. Two or three of the straws/reeds interlacing with each other in an under over, under over pattern. You get the similarity? … Read more

How to tie dye spirals on fabric

spirals in tie dye

A spiral tie dye pattern is the quintessential tie dye pattern of all. The moment you think of tie and dye this is the pattern that comes to mind. They are usually multi colored in the brightest colors you know of, in a swirl of a pattern that gives you a headache. The kind that … Read more

Cross Stitch letters : Patterns for all alphabets

Are you fascinated by cross stich? If yes, you would want to decorate everything with these very simple stitches that can be used to embroider anything. Cross stitch letters used to embroider words and intials can make anything personalised for you. Here are the most simple patterns to embroider letters with cross stitch. These capital … Read more