Plain weave & the best of fabrics in this weaving type

Plain weave fabric

A lot of fabrics we know are made by a process called weaving. It has been so from the time man discovered fabric making. In weaving, the fabric is made by interlacing the yarns made from fibers. Out of all the weaving processes, plain weave is the simplest and most commonly used weaving pattern – … Read more

Soften and make wool less itchy (Easy ways)

itchy wool - softening ideas

Many people vouch for wool as their favorite means of protection from the cold – who does not have a favorite wool sweater or a woolen shawl or would not want to have one, but there are as many who stay away from wool and rely only on synthetic alternatives like acrylic despite their many … Read more

What is Cotton fabric? (10 FAQ answered)

what is cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is a universally loved fabric made from the fibers that surround the cotton seed. The cotton fibers are soft and fluffy and naturally off-white in color. It takes a lot of effort to extract the fiber from inside the pod, separate it from the seeds, and turn it into yarn. And then, it … Read more

Camouflage patterns in clothes and fabrics

camouflage patterns

  In camouflage patterns, the prints on the fabrics are meant to confuse the viewer – sometimes, they make one invisible and sometimes mislead into believing something else that is not there.    The art of camouflage is inherent in nature. A chameleon camouflages itself in its surroundings to disguise itself from predators. A deer … Read more

Sewing Machine Needle sizes

sewing machine needle size chart

Generally all sewing machines are equipped with a 12 or 14 universal needle for general sewing. But specific types of fabrics should be matched with specific needles for perfect sewing experience and to avoid problems in sewing. Sewing Machine Needle sizes for different Fabric types Machine needle size numbers indicate the needle’s width. Basically, the … Read more

Best fabrics to sew Pants for women

pant fabrics

Fabrics for sewing Formal Pants/Trousers Gabardine Wool gabardine and Microfiber polyester gabardine are equally popular for sewing formal pants. Gabardine is a tightly woven, twill weave fabric. This fabric was originally created from worsted wool but now may also be made of cotton, viscose, and polyester.  The fabric has diagonal ribs on the surface because … Read more

Selvage edge of fabric -6 FAQ answered

what is selvage

What is the selvage of a fabric? Where do you find it? Selvage refers to the narrow, somewhat stiff edges on the left and right side of the fabric, along the straight grain/lengthwise direction. They are usually 20 mm wide on either side. They give strength to the fabric and prevent unraveling. You may have … Read more

Spandex and Stretch (How to select the fabric for elasticity)

stretch of spandex fabric

Is spandex stretchy? – Today this question feels like someone is asking, “Is the moon round ?” or if “an elephant is big”?. Everyone who knows something about clothes knows about the elasticity of spandex. Spandex, the word itself, is an anagram for “expands,” so who doubts its stretchiness? “Spandex has kept my derriere lifted, … Read more

Sew Spandex fabric (10 non-missable tips)

sewing spandex

Imagine a fabric that stretches so well that it can hold at least 5 of you if the clothing is your normal size and then return to the original size when you are done stretching, without a single fiber getting damaged – no bagging, no sagging! Yes, spandex or elastane fabrics, made from polyurethane do … Read more

Using a leather cleaner and conditioner (why you need them)

using a leather cleanser

When properly cared for, leather is among the most long-lasting materials. Even with the inevitable creases and fade-in, it can last forever and still look beautiful.  Many people are confused about how to approach the cleaning of leather and whether they can use household cleaners or they should use professional leather cleaners to clean their … Read more

How to use a Binding presser Foot on your sewing machine

bias binding foot

Bias binding is nothing complicated – but it involves some extra steps busy sewists may want to skip, especially when you have lots and lots of binding to do. That is when a binding presser foot comes to be of use. For those who want to do the binding in one step, the binder foot … Read more

How to wash Rayon (& read the care label symbols properly)

how to wash rayon clothes

Rayon is a soft shiny fabric that can almost be classified as delicate because of the regenerated cellulosic fibers that it is made of. There is a likelihood that your favourite rayon top (a lot of soft tops today are made of rayon) will be damaged in the wash if you are not careful. So … Read more

Cap Sleeves {Pattern drafting & Styles}

cap sleeves

A cap sleeve is a type of very short sleeve that acts like a cap over the top of the arm. This is a very common sleeve on kids frocks and also on tops, dresses and gowns for adults. As a short sleeve, the cap sleeve exposes most of the arm, so it is usually … Read more

Make a Hobo Bag (Sewing pattern & Tutorial)

Make Hobo bag

A hobo bag is a large slouchy bag with a curve between the two ends of the shoulder straps. Here is a tutorial to make a hobo bag in the fabric of your choice Tutorial to sew a Hobo Bag Related posts : Sewing tutorial for a tote bag; How to make a phone purse

How to make String Panties

sewing string panties -tutorial

Do you want a panties that would show absolutely no panty line outside even under the most tightfitting satin dress? Here is a tutorial for such a string panties that consist of a small covering in the front and strips of elastic or fabric that holds it all together. It exposes the back of the … Read more

Start selling your sewn products on FACEBOOK (Meta) shop- 3 ways

selling sewn items on facebook

If you have been sewing for some time and have more things sewn than what you will use and can do with some extra cash, maybe you have thought of selling them to interested people. Have you considered selling your products to a larger audience than your friends and relatives? Selling on Facebook is a … Read more

Get the most strongest and durable fabric out there

In textile parlance, ‘Durable’ refers to something that stands the test of time after a lot of wear and washes. We all want our clothes to last through repeated wear (and washing, drying, and ironing). Being strong can be considered synonymous with durability, as strong fibers result in durability.   It makes sense, economy-wise as well … Read more