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How to fold a Shirt properly : Save space and reduce wrinkles

When clothes are left unfolded in the wardrobe, it is ok, it is your prerogative. But be prepared for a lot of wrinkles and a cluttered wardrobe space. When clothes are left in a heap unfolded, wrinkles set in, which makes ironing these clothes a pain later. The folded clothes take up a lot less space in the cupboard than unfolded clothes.

If there is space in your cupboard to hang shirts, that is very well. But if that is not the case you can fold them easily- the process of folding a man’s shirt is nothing complicated. You may already be doing it the same way but I love to give unsolicited advice, so here it is. 

how to fold shirts

How to fold long sleeved shirts

For symmetrical folding you can use a cardboard piece or a magazine as a template. Cut up a cardboard piece 8 inches wide by 11 inches long or use an old magazine.

Lay the shirt in front of you, back side up.

Keep the cardboard by the middle of the shirt on top of the collar – center the magazine exactly and slightly raise its top above the collar.

Make a lengthwise fold along one edge of the magazine.

fold shirts

Fold the sleeves back.

how to fold a shirt

If it is a long sleeved shirt and the sleeves are longer than the hem, you will have to fold the sleeves like this.

fold shirts

Do this for the other side also.

Fold up the shirt by the middle.

Turn the shirt to the front; remove the magazine/ cardboard – it just slips out.

Your shirt is nicely folded.

How to fold shirts to save space or for travel

Sometimes when storing space is at a premium you may want to fold and keep the shirts so that they are folded into a small bundle. This is especially needed when you are packing for travel.

how to fold shirts for small spaces

Bring the sleeves crossed to the other side.

fold shirt for travel

Bring the side to the middle, over the button stand.

Bring the other side over this.

Fold the top and bottom edge a little to the middle, as in the picture below.

Bring the top edge again.

Fold the other edge over this. This can be stacked one over the other.  

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