Fabric Star tutorial : How to sew a STAR of your own

Step-by-step instructions to sew fabric stars; Create your own decorative 3D fabric star shapes.

how to sew a star

This is a tutorial to sew a Fabric star. 

Sew Fabric star – Materials needed 

To make this easy star you need 10 fabric pieces cut in a diamond shape. I have cut the shapes with 3 inch sides but you can make it any size you want.

You have to make a template for the diamond shape first. And for that you want a scale and protractor for marking the angle and a piece of paper.

Mark your star pattern pieces

Mark a 3 inch straight line on the paper with the scale.

Draw a line of 3 inch

Mark a 72 degree on this line using a protractor. Use the picture below as reference.

Mark 72 degrees on the line

Mark it as a 3 inch line. 

Mark 3 inch on the line

Mark 72 degree on the other end using the protractor again. 

Mark 72 degrees from the other side

Mark this line as well.

Darw 3 inches up

Mark the top line. You get a diamond shaped template. 

Join the other lines together to form a rectangle /parallelogram

Cut it out.

The cut out of the parallelogram - template for the start patchwork pieces

Use this template to cut out 10 diamond fabric pieces.

cut 10 such diamond shaped pieces for sewing a star from fabric

How to sew the Fabric star

Keep the 5 pieces to get the star shape. Do the same with the rest of the fabric pieces to make the other star.

Sew the diamond shaped fabric pieces into a star one by one

Stitch the star together – sew the pieces along the inner edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

sewing tutorial to make a star with fabric

You have to sew both the two star shapes.

S shapes of star made of the diamond shaped fabric pieces

Keep these 2 star shapes, right sides together – ie rightsides to the inside. Sew along the outside edge joining the two stars together. Leave one edge unstitched. Turn the star right side out through this space.

Fill the star with poly fill or cotton or scrap pieces of fabric. Fill it to the max, till all the spaces are completely filled up.

Fill the star shape with fiberfill till it is fluffy

Stitch the gap closed with hand sewing stitches – you can use ladder stitch.

Sew the last seam together from the outside

You can attach a button or pearl or a fabric flower or a  flower made with ribbon like the one I have attached at the center.

Fabric star

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  1. I sewed the button in the center of the material before I stitched the sides up for easier stuffing and hand stitching the last side of the star.

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