Star Embroidery Stitch : 7 ways

how to embroder a star

A star is a hope – the hope of a sparkle. The way we depict a star is its shine. The shape we have in our mind of a star has nothing to do with the reality of a star. Though we know it, we still believe in that shine.

Every one learns to draw a star at one point or the other – have you tried to embroider it? Here are some easy ways.

The ordinary star

You can stitch the star the same way that you draw it. Make 5 dots as in the picture below and then connect the dots.

Mark 5 dots on the fabric

Make straight stitch from top dot to the one on the left bottom

Make more straight stitches

Join the last points

star stitch

The final star stitch embroidery


Filled star

Fill the star with straight stitches in an alternate manner.

Filled star stitch using a sequence to fill the star

star stitch with filled stitches

Bigger star

To make a bigger star, draw equidistant lines such that their length is equal to the distance between the first and last lines. (ie A-C = A-B)

mark parallel marks on fabric

Follow the sequence shown in the picture below:

Step 1 Take a stich from E to C .

star embroider

Step 2 Take a stich from J to G.

Step 3 Go from J to L.

Step 4 Come up at E and Take a stich from E to D .

The sequence of stitches for sewing the star embroidery stitch

Step 5 Come up at L and go to G .

The sequence of stitches for sewing the star embroidery stitch

Step 6 Take a stich from D to G.

The sequence of stitches for sewing the star embroidery stitch

Step 7 Come up at C and take the stitch to G.

The sequence of stitches for sewing the star embroidery stitch

There are many other simple ways to embroider the sparkle of stars.

Upright cross stitch – star

Make simple running stitches and then come up perpendicular to it to make a plus in a continuous way.

upright cross stitch star made with running stitches

Like this.

upright cross stitch star

Star Stitch

This is the original star stitch, by the way.

Make a plus stitch first, then add cross stitch and then make another smaller cross stitch in the middle.

how to embroider a star

4 legged knot stitch

You can sew a a 4 legged knotted stitch to denote the stars. Learn more knot stitches here.

star stitch with a knot

Ermine stitch

Ermine stitch

It is made this way – take a straight stitch and then come up on its left. Take the stitch at the bottom of your straight stitch as in the picture below.

make a straight stitch

Then go to the other side of the straight stitch to form the star.

start crossing the straight stitches

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