Easy Fold over Wallet Pattern & Sewing Tutorial

diy wallet sewing pattern

This is a sewing pattern to make a 7 inch by 4 inch fold over wallet with 2 zippered pockets, card slots and a snap fastener. It can be made of any thick fabric including vinyl, leather, or any fabric suitable for bag making

How to sew this simple wallet

Step 1 Cut the pattern pieces.

You need to cut the following pieces from the main fabric – A 8″ by 4 1/2″ piece for pocket; 8″ by 5 1/4″ piece and 8″ by 5 1/4″ piece for outer layer of the wallet; 8″ by 7″ piece and 8″ by 2 1/2″ piece for inner layer of the wallet.

wallet sewing pattern

You also need 2 zippers and one magnetic snap ( if snaps are not available use Velcro).

wallet diy sewing pattern

Cut two lining pieces – 10″ by 8″.

You may want to interface all the fabric pieces or just the lining or none at all.

diy wallet pattern

Step 2 Join the outer pieces

Stitch the two outer layer pieces together with the zipper in between.

sew a wallet -free pattern

Keep the fabric piece right side up and keep the zipper rightsize down along the top edge.

Stitch the zipper edge on the fabric with a zipper foot on your sewing machine – with a zipper foot you can then sew very close to the zipper teeth – don’t be lazy to change the foot.

sew a diy wallet

When the joining is done, turn it right side up and top stitch along the edge.

wallet sewing

Now as the next step to joining the other piece, Keep the other piece right side down on the zipper edge of the first piece.

wallet sewing pattern

Stitch in place and then flip rightside up and then top stitch along the zipper teeth, as you did earlier.

sewing a simple wallet - pattern

Step 3 Join the inner layer pieces.

You should join the inner pieces same way as you did earlier for the outer pieces.

wallet sewing tutorial


sewing a wallet

Using a hand sewing needle and thread ( in a contrasting colour) close the zipper teeth together at the edge with basting stitches. You do not want the zipper coming open

Step 4 Prepare and stitch the pockets.

Take the 8″ by 4 1/2″ piece and turn under and stitch one long edge.

how to sew a wallet

Keep this on the bottom of the front layer piece.

sewing a wallet

Top stitch along the middle of the pocket piece joining the pocket to the front layer piece.

how to make a simple ladies wallet

Step 5 Attach the fastening

make a wallet

You have to attach the fasteners on the inner layer piece of your wallet. You can either use magnetic snap fasteners or velcro. If using magnetic snap fasteners do not forget to interface the area to prevent the fabric coming apart.

Attach the projecting part of the snap fastener on the top edge ( 1 1/4 inch down from top edge) and the other part of the snap fastener on the bottom edge of the inner layer piece ( 1 1/4 inch up from the bottom edge).

Step 6 Join everything.

Keep the inner layer piece together with the two lining pieces. If you are using interfacing for the lining keep them to the inside.

Now onwards treat these layers as one.


how to sew wallet -sewing pattern

Keep the front layer piece right side down on the inner layer piece (rightside up).

diy wallet pattern

Sew along the outer edge, joining all the fabric pieces together. Before you sew, keep the zipper open (otherwise you would not be able to turn the wallet right side out)

sewing a wallet

Trim the seam allowance – especially the corners. You have to be really aggressive in this step for neat sharp corners. 

Step 7 Turn the wallet right side out through the zipper opening.

The Outer side of the wallet.

The inner side of the wallet.

sewing a wallet

The wallet when folded by the middle.

wallet sewing

The wallet after the front is top stitched (though imperfectly, it is finally done).

wallet sewing pattern


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      Hi Gail
      The lining fabric is simply stacked along with the wallet fabric piece as shown in the picture /instructions – no separate sewing as such . When you turn the wallet inside out through the open zipper it forms the lining automatically.

    1. Post

      Hi Joy
      This project uses vinyl and as you must know vinyl (and faux leather) is ok to sew with home sewing machine -especially if you use a teflon presser feet. If using leather to sew you will need to buy leather sewing needle and at least a teflon presser feet or at best walking feet and use thicker thread than you normally use.

  1. Thank you for this tutorial. It looks like a good first sewing project. I think if I can do the zippers, then I can do it! And what a great use for old leather items with rips or stains or just out of fashion. I see them at thrift stores and wonder what I could do with that! And just in time for Christmas!

    1. Post

      Hi Voss
      Yes, You can add some fabric flowers or some such decorations on the front and gift them in different looks to others. Nice idea. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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