Make an easy {Phone Purse} to carry your Phone & some change {Sewing Tutorial}

easy phone purse

This is an easy-to-sew zippered purse, just right and enough for going to the supermarket next door – your phone will fit in nicely in the center part and on the front zippered partition, you can slip in a card or two and some notes and maybe your house keys.

How to make the Phone Purse.

Step 1 – Cut out the fabric pieces for the phone purse

You can make this phone purse by cutting the following fabric pieces

1 outer piece – 8 inches * 4 3/4″

2 inner lining pieces – 8 inches* 4 3/4″

1 big front piece – 6 inches * 4 3/4″

1 small front piece – 2 inches * 4 3/4 “

1 piece of thin sponge sheet – 8 * 4 3/4″ ( or use interfacing)

You also need 2 nos. of 7 inch long zippers.

mobile phone purse

Step 2 – Prepare the front part of the phone purse

Take the front big piece ( 6″*4 3/4″) and keep the zipper face down on this piece

Change your presser foot to the zipper foot and Stitch along the zipper teeth.

phone purse diy

Flip the zipper to one side – your fabric piece will look like this. You may top stitch along the edge of the fabric for a nicer look.

make a purse for phone

Now keep the other smaller fabric piece (2 inches * 4 3/4″ ) face down on top of the zipper edge. Sew along the top edge – use the zipper foot here as well so that you can sew close to the zipper teeth

phone purse diy tutorial

Flip it open to find your front portion ready like the picture below.

phone purse step by step instructions to make

Trim this piece to the dimension 4 3/4 inch * 8 inches to match the rest of the pieces

I will call this piece A for easy identification in next steps.

Step 3 – Assemble the body of the phone purse

Take the outer piece, lining piece and the sponge – all cut in the same dimension. And one of the zippers.

mobile phone purse diy

Keep the sponge in front of you ; keep the outer piece (face up) on top of the sponge. And keep the zipper along the top edge ( zipper face down)

mobile phone purse tutorial

Keep one of the lining pieces on top of the zipper – keep all the top edges aligned. Pin in place

make a phone purse

You need zipper foot on your machine now – sew along the edge of the zipper teeth.

After you have sewn the edge, flip the lining to the back. Your piece will look like the picture below. ( the zipper edge will come between the outer + sponge and the lining piece.)

how to make a mobile purse

I will call this piece B for easy identification in the next step.

You can now top stitch along the fabric edge so that it stays flat and looks nice

Step 4 – Sew the other side of zipper.

Now keep the stitched piece (piece B) right side up in front of you.

how to make a mobile purse

Take the front part (piece A) on top of this face down

make a phone purse

Take the second lining piece and keep it on top of the piece A. Align the top edge of the zipper along the edge of the lining. 

phone purse


Sew along the edge ( close to the zipper teeth) with the zipper foot on.

When you finish stitching and open it up the piece will look like this.

make a phone purse

You can now top stitch along the fabric edge so that it stays flat and looks nice

Consider this as Piece C.

Step 4 – Assemble the whole phone purse.

Keep the piece you have stitched (piece C) infront of you , wrong side out with the zipper edges on top. Open the zipper half way and keep it open all through the next steps.

Sew along the three edges – the black lines in the picture below indicates the stitching line.

how to make a phone purse

Trim the seam allowance to 1/4 inch along the stitching line. Finish the edges with zig zag stitching (you want a neat edge inside).

Bring the purse rightside out through the open zipper

Step 5 – Embellish your purse

Actually, I should have done this immediately after making the front portion (after step 1). But no, I have to do something in the reverse order. 

mobile phone purse diy tutorial

Flower embroidery designs work best for these purses for women. I have made a little spider web rose with thin ribbon. 

If you want more or less a plain one, sashiko embroidery is an elegant option. You can find different ways to embroider flowers, embroider roses. 

make a mobile phone purse

phone purse


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