Easy to make DIY Phone Pouch – 3 Sewing Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials tp make your own customized DIY phone pouches through sewing to keep your cell phone safe from scratches .
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DIY -phone pouch

Phone pouches are always welcome at my home – they are very handy when you want to carry the phone without it getting coated with unwanted things (read germs…) around, or you want to toss it in your handbag without it getting scratched here and there.

A phone pouch is a very good solution to protect your precious phone from harm – other than the aesthetics of carrying one made in a pretty fabric.

But nowadays I do not have many takers for my sewn things at my home. The reason is that I like to make things with fabrics of bright colors and vivid patterns, and no one like this here. So this time around, I tried to rein in my penchant for bright colors and patterns and decided to go for some neutral colored fabric.

But you may use the brightest colored fabric you have in your stash – do not dim your light for anyone. 

Here are the sewing tutorials for these phone pouches – in 3 different ways. They are all quite easy to make.

DIY Phone Pouch – 3 Easy Sewing Tutorials

Easy Phone Pouch

How to sew a phone pouch

Step 1

To make this pouch, you need to cut out 5 fabric pieces in total and you are on. You also need a magnetic snap (or velcro strips) as a fastener.

The main fabric (the outer fabric) has to be cut into a fabric piece of this dimension – 14  inch long and 4 3/4 inch wide.This is for a phone of dimension 6.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Calculate accordingly for your phone. 

The lining should be cut into 2 fabric pieces of this dimension – 7 1/2 inches  long by 4 3/4 inches wide. (For your phone this will translate to, length of the main fabric divided by 2 plus 1/2 inch extra).

Cut out 2 fabric pieces for the tab (for opening) measuring 3 inches by 2 inches.

fabric for your phone pouch sewing tutorial

Step 2

Keep the main piece in front of you – right side up. Keep one of the lining pieces on top – short edges together. Sew them together.

sew the fabrics together at the short edge for making the phone pouch

When you open it up, this is how it will look.

the fabric opened up

Step 3

Now sew and finish the tab.

Take one of the 3 inch by 2 inch pieces. Attach one part of the velcro or the magnetic snap on one of the tab pieces. You can stitch the velcro hook in place. I made 2 small holes and attached the projecting part of the magnetic snap on the tab fabric.

tab for the  phone pouch -magnetic snap attached

Here is the back. You can add a small piece of interfacing on the back as well for reinforcement.

back side of tab with the washer of the snap visible on the phone pouch

Take the other tab piece and keep it right side down on this tab piece. ie both the pieces right sides together.

Stitch on the 3 sides as in the picture below. Do not forget to clip the corners.

sew the tab pieces together , rightsides inside

Turn the tab rightside out.  Turning things rightside out through a small hole is always a pain but this is especially painful. Ensure that you are poking all the corners with a sharp object like a knitting needle to bring them all out and sharp.

You can topstitch all along the edges of this tab. Or you can do this later. On hindsight, I would do it now.

turn the tab rightside out

Step 4

Take your pouch fabric – keep it right side up in front of you. You have to have the other short edge (unattached) infront of you.

Keep the tab right side up on the middle of the short edge – picture below.

keep the tab on one edge of the fabric on the rightside

Keep the other lining fabric on top of this.

keep one lining on top


sew the edges of the fabrics for the phone pouch diy tutorial

This is how it will look, when you open it up. 

the whole fabric for the phone pouch looks like this

Step 5

Fold and Align the edges of your fabric so that the lining fabric is on one side and the main fabric is on the other. Your lining fabric edges will meet. Picture below.

bring the edge to the middle

You have to attach the other part of the magnetic snap/velcro at this point.

Now mark the magnetic snap position on the other side of the phone fabric – where the already attached magnetic snap will touch the fabric . Mark the exact position and attach the other half of the magnetic snap there.

add the other end of the magnetic snap to the phone pouch

This is how it will look

magnetic snaps and lining of the phone pouch sewn

Step 6

Now align the fabric again the same way you did earlier. Sew along 3 sides ; leave 2 inch on the lining side unstitched – for turning.

sew the whole edges together

Step 7

Turn the whole thing rightside out through the hole. 

turn the phone pouch rightside out

Sew the opening on the lining closed by top stitching there. 

bring the lining inside

Tuck the lining neatly inside.

You can top stitch the top edge now. And top stitch the tab, if you have not done it already.

topstitch on the top edge of the  Phone Pouch

Your phone pouch is done.

Phone pouch with flap – sewing tutorial

This is a very easy way to make Phone pouch. I always say this for everything but this time it is truer than ever. 

phone pouch with a flap

Cut out the fabric pieces ; interface the main fabric to get a nice stiff look. 

Cut two fabric pieces in this dimension – For a 6.5 inch long and 3.5 inch wide phone

Calculate the length of the fabric as 6.5* 2 + 4 1/2″ = 17 1/2 inches (Replace the highlighted number with your phone’s length)

Calculate the width of the fabric as 3.5+ 2″  = 5 1/2 inches (Replace the highlighted number with your phone’s width)

fabric cut out of the fabric

Keep these two fabric pieces right sides to the inside together.

keep the lining and outer fabrics together

Stitch along one short edge.

sew the short edges together

Turn it right side out and press in place. Top stitch the edge for better looks.

turn it rightside out

Keep the fabric right side up in front of you. Bring the seam to the middle.

Now Turn the seam to the right so that you get a 2 inch fold as in the picture below. This 2 inch will become the flap of your phone pouch

fold one shortedge

It will look like this 

fold the fabric to make the phone pouch

Bring the short edge of the other side also the opposite edge

You can at this point keep a ribbon or something at the middle of this short edge as a button loop. Marked in picture above.

I have folded a piece of ribbon for this. You can make a thread loop -follow the tutorials for button loops here.

make a loop

You will now have the middle seam sandwiched in between these two fabrics  

bring the fabric upside

Sew the 3 edges – leaving 2 inches open on one side. Clip all corners . Trim seam allowance.

sew the 3 edges

Turn right side out through the hole.

Sew the opening closed by top stitching.

sew the open side closed

sew the edges

Attach a button at the front.

add button to the phone cover pouch

Old jeans turned to a phone pouch

Diy phone pouch from old jeans

To make this pouch, cut out 16 inch long piece which is 5 inches wide from the bottom part of a jeans with the hem intact. You can use 2 D rings to get a strap to attach your pouch to your pant/jeans belt loop. You also need a small piece of hook and tape (velcro tape).

Attach the D rings 10 inches up from the bottom- towards the middle.

keep loop 10 inch down the hem

Fold the top and bottom part to form your pouch – the folding depends on how big is your phone.Ensure that the top part is tucked into the hem part.

Sew the velcro in place.

add velcro to the top and hem

Sew the edges with a zig zag stitch. Bind the edges with a bias tape. You have your own easy diy cell phone pouch. Not so difficult, is it?

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