DIY Pencil case tutorials (4 very easy ones including Zipper pencil pouch

Learn to make your own pencil case easily with fabric; easy zipper pencil pouch tutorials. Easy to sew handmade pencil pouches/ cases

When you are in school or college there is always writing – and then more writing and then some more. For all that you need countless pens, highlighters, pencils, gel pens, sketch pens and then there are so many accompaniments to this like erasers, post-its, mini stapler, and other knick-knacks or just about anything that you need to carry to school/college – coins, keys, lip balm and hand sanitizer comes to my mind.

And you are always in need of pencil pouches to carry all these.

Here are 4 very easy to make pencil pouches for all that. All easy sewing tutorials that even beginners can use and make cute pouches for all that they need to carry.


1. Zipper pencil pouch

This is a boxy pencil box- just right to carry a lot of pens and pencils. Increase dimensions if you want a bigger size.

You can use fabric or faux leather to make it – you need a heavyweight fabric or use double layers of medium weight fabric or interface your fabric. 

How to make this pencil case

Step 1 Cut out a 10 inch square fabric piece.

pencil pouch sewing diy tutorial

Step 2 Keep the fabric right side up in front of you. Keep the zipper face down along one edge of the fabric. Sew in place. 

pencil pouch sewing tutorial

Step 3 Fold the fabric and join the remaining zipper edge to the other edge of the fabric as in the picture below.

pencil case diy tutorial

Step 4 Keep the tube you have now flattened and arrange the zipper to the center. Stitch the side edges closed.

make pencil case

Clip the corners

Step 5 Pinch one of the corners and sew across one inch from the corner. Remember to keep the seam allowance open as you sew.

making pencil cases

Do this for all the corners.

That is it. Turn your pencil box right side out. Now you can stuff the pencil pouch with anything you have a mind to. You can use tack stitches to keep the inside corner neat and tidy – they do give some sturdiness to the pouch so you may not want to trim it out.

2 Simple flat zipper pouch

diy pencil case

This is a compact flat pencil case which will easily fit into your bag/backpack/purse etc. Make two or more to keep different types of pens separately organized

How to make this pencil pouch.

Step 1 Cut out fabric pieces – 2 for outer pouch and 2 for lining with the same dimensions – 10 inch by 5 inch. Use a coordinating zipper.

how to make easy pencil pouches

Step 2 Keep one of the lining fabric face up on table. Keep the zipper face up along the long edge. Place the outer fabric face down on top of this. Refer picture below.

pencil pouch making tutorial

When you stitch the edge and turn the zipper out – you will get one side of the pouch ready

pencil pouch diy

Step 3 Now to join the other side fabric pieces – Place the other remaining lining piece face up on the table. Keep the already prepared pouch piece with zipper attached on top of this, face up as in the picture below.

pencil pouch diy tutorial

Now keep the other outer pouch fabric piece face down on top of all this. Refer picture below.

making pencil pouches

Stitch along the edge joining the zipper edge to the lining and outer pieces.

diy pencil pouch

You get the zipper in the middle and the outer fabric and lining fabric to either side of it.

make pencil pouches

Step 4 You may want to add a small strap to the purse for ease of carrying the pouch around. Cut out a 4 inch piece of webbing or ribbon or make  on with fabric 

Turn the fabric pieces so that the outer fabrics are on one side and lining pieces are on the other side of the zipper. Refer picture below

pencil pouch diy tutorial

Keep the strap folded inside the two outer pouch pieces.

pencil pouch diy sewing tutorial

Stitch along the outer edge leaving a 2 inch unstitched

pencil pouch

Step 5 Get the bag out of the lining through the hole in lining – remember to clip the corners before doing this – if you want sharp corners. Stitch the hole closed after everything is as it should be.

sew a pencil pouch

3. Small Pencil Case Pattern 

make pencil case

Another zipper pencil pouch. This is a similar pouch as the boxy one – just that it is smaller and the construction is a little different. There is no bulk inside.

Step 1. Cut out a square fabric piece of 7 inches 

pencil pouch tutorial

Cut out the fabric as per the pattern

pencil case pattern

Step 2 Join the zipper to both edges 

pencil pouch making tutorial

Attach the zipper to either side of the fabric edges as done in the first pouch

easy pencil pouch tutorial
make easy pencil case

Step 3 Bring the zipper to the middle and join the sides. The size of the sides are not the same but join as much is there. 

Step 4 Pinch the corner openings and stitch.

Finish the edges. Bring the pouch right side out.

4.  Felt Pouch

If you are really in a hurry and your kid needs a pencil pouch super fast you can make a simple pouch with felt this way.

How to make the felt fabric pencil pouch

Step 1 Simply cut out a shape from felt – get two pieces for front and back and a zipper 

Step 2 Cut out a window for the zipper on the back piece.

make simple pencil case

Step 3 Keep the zipper to the inside and stitch along the edge. Cut out the extra tail of zipper.

making pencil case

Step 4 Join the two pieces of felt by topstitching along the edge. Make a decorative stitch if you want a fancy pouch.

pencil case diy tutorial

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Author: Sarina Tariq

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  1. Hello, am very attracted by your post, thank you. I am a total beginner (& haven’t done zips before), can you clarify please what length zipper to use for box pouch No 1 – also 10” as the fabric? Thank you, sorry for silly question.

  2. Thank you for sharing these patterns. My daughter and I made the first pencil case. We lined it and hand sewed it so it took nearer 6 hours to make! Your instructions and pictures were clear and easy to follow.
    Thanks very much.

    • Hi Sally & Sofia
      So nice to know that you used my instructions to make the pencil case with your daughter. Thanks for writing the comment

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