Zipper Pouch – DIY Tutorial to make one easily

Would you believe if I said that I wanted some zippered pouches to carry my diamond jewelry? I wish! actually, a part of it is true, except the diamond part. I wanted some pouches to carry my imitation jewelry, without them rubbing into each other; the zippered pouches that I will be making are ideal for this – they are extremely lightweight and can be stacked together and stored flat in the suitcase between clothes and they can be closed securely with the zippers.

diy zipper pouch

How to sew zipper pouch

Step 1

You need 2 main outer pieces (for front and back) ; 2 lining pieces of the same size as the outer pieces & a zipper

zipper pouch

I have taken a 11 inch by 8.5 inch piece. If you are joining fabric pieces, remember you will have to add at least 1/4 inch seam allowance on both the pieces along the edge where you will be joining

If you want some structure to the pouch, attach interfacing to the outer fabric pieces. Use satin for lining – it is best for storing jewellery.


If you are doing embroidery do this before cutting out the pieces – or leave a large margin. You need to hoop the fabric and additionally when you work the fabric will start fraying along the cut edges.

rose embroidery

Mark the bag pattern and then the embroidery design and do the embroidery.

I have made a rose design and embroidered the whole thing with long and short stitches so that there is a shaded look to each petal

rose embroidery

If you are new to embroidery you may wish to read more on learning embroidery and the hand embroidery stitches

rose embroidery

rose embroidery

Cut out the pattern pieces. 

Step 2 

Keep the front piece right side (face) up.

zipper pouch

On top of this keep the zipper face down as in the picture

Now on top of this, keep the lining piece for the front, face down.

zipper pouch

So now the zipper is sandwiched between the outer front fabric and lining for that side, both of them right sides facing each other

Attach a zipper foot to your machine. Stitch very close to the zipper teeth, keeping all the layers together at all times

Now turn the zipper out so that the piece will look like this.

how to sew zipper pouch

Step 3

Now to sew other zipper edge to the bag pieces, keep the lining of the back piece right side facing you, in front of you.Keep the finished side of the bag with the zipper right side up on top of this lining

zipper pouch diy

Now keep the back outer piece on top of this – right side (face side) down

diy zipper pouch

With the zipper foot again stitch along the zipper teeth edge

Now open up the whole thing and you will have the front and back sides on both sides of the zipper.

make a zipper pouch

Step 4

Change sides – i.e bring the lining pieces to one side and front and back piece to the other side of the zipper

make small zip up pouch

You have to do two things now – open the zipper half way & bring the seam allowance of the zipper to the lining side (hold this as you stitch or to be more secure pin and stitch). These are important steps.

Step 5 

Sew the whole edge of both the sides leaving some 3 inches opening unstitched on the lining bottom edge ( this is for turning the bag rightside out)

fabric zipper pouch

Trim/Cut out the extra zipper edge, and extra seam allowance along the zipper if any. This is important to get a good look along the top edge for your zippered pouch.

Step 6

Turn the lining and the outer bag through the opening and the zipper opening. 

zipper pouch pattern

Step 7

Close the opening with some easy hand stitches – like a slip stitch. Insert the lining into the outer bag and tack stitch the lining into the outer bag.Done.  

diy zipper pouch

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