How to sew a Purse – 2 Easy sewing tutorials

Make a purse that matches your outfit everytime you go out - sewing tutorials for how to make purses out of fabric easily

how to sew a purse

Imagine carrying a purse that matches your outfit for a special occasion; Or better, imagine having a lot of purses that match all your dresses. That too, each of them made so fast that you could only have missed one episode of your favorite web-series. 

This one is as easy as that – just buy the best interfacing which will hold shape and that matching fabric I told you about and a magnetic stud  and you are ready to sew this easy peasy purse.

So how do you make these purses? Just follow the tutorials given below:

How to sew an easy Purse – Method 1

Step 1 

Cut out the fabric pieces – you need 2 pieces for the flap ( one outer fabric and one lining), 2 pieces for the front and back (Outer fabric) and 2 pieces for the lining. ( I used a silk fabric for the lining  but cotton lining is better as it adheres better to interfacing); And matching interfacing pieces for all these

Cut out flap as per this diagram – 2 pieces for the flap ( one outer fabric and one lining)

purse sewing tutorial

Cut out the purse body pieces as per this diagram – 2 pieces for the front and back (Outer fabric) and 2 pieces for the lining.

The dimensions will correspond to.

G-H = 6.5″
C-D = 8.75″
A-B = 10.75″
E-H = 8″

Purse body is cut on a folded fabric
This is the purse body; it is cut on a folded fabric

Attach the interfacing to the cut fabric.  I didn’t attach interfacing to the outer purse pieces and lives to regret it. You can use a sew-in interfacing to the outer pieces or use a fusible one. I prefer the sew in for the outer pieces and fusible for the lining. Attach the fusible interfacing with pressing

Interfacing is a most important thing in bag/purse making – determines much about how your purse will look eventually.

2 flaps, 2 outer fabric and 2 lining pieces

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Step 2 

Cut out the dart for all the 4 pieces of purse body. You need the dart on either side of all the pieces, so to make it symmetrical, fold and mark and then cut.

Mark the darts on the bottom edge of the purse body pieces
Mark the darts on the bottom edge of the purse body pieces

Step 3 

Make the embellishments on the flap piece.

If you are doing an embroidery design, you will have to do this before the fabric is cut after it is marked – otherwise because the fabric piece is small you will have the fabric fraying; you will not able to hoop etc. Lots of trouble. Anticipate and avoid all these.

To neatly arrange the rhinestones I cut out a stencil from an interfacing piece. Just mark some hearts freehand, then fold each and cut with scissors so that they are symmetrical in shape

how to make a fabric purse

make an easy purse

I applied a glitter paint (fabric paint which sparkles) inside the shapes instead of glue and then arranged rhinestones on top all the while keeping the stencil still on the fabric. The glitter paint acted as a strong glue and gave sparkle on areas where the paint was not on. It is beautiful this way.

sew an easy purse

So now I have these pieces cut out for sewing the purse. The small one was for a pocket I intended to attach but did not.

For the pocket, you can cut out a 10 inch by 5 inch piece, fold by half and turn the side edges to the inside and stitch in place on all 3 edges – easy patch pocket inside the purse for the change

All the pieces for the purse are cut out and kept

Step 4 

Sew the Dart. Just keep it together (rightsides together) and sew with a 1/8 inch seam allowance

Sew the dart

Open up the seam allowance. Make a slit at the top of the dart till the stitching line to fully open the seam allowance. Be careful while doing this, you may cut open the stitching

press the dart open for the purse body to look good on the outside

The curved shape of dart
Dart on the outside

Sew the darts for all the purse pieces

Step 5 

Keep the Lining pieces rightsides together and sew along the edge. (red line indicates stitching line) Leave 2 to 3 inches open at the bottom edge unstitched. 

Do the same with the outer purse pieces as well- here you should stitch all along the edge. You will now have two purse body – one outer purse and one inner

one is the purse outer bag and the other is the lining

Step 6

Prepare the flap

You need to attach the magnetic snap ( magnetic snap has two pieces – the the protruding portion is used for the flap) towards the rightside of the lining piece of the flap.

Remember to keep a piece of interfacing or felt on the back as you attach the magnetic snap – otherwise one or two pulls and your fabric will start to pinch and self destroy.

The projecting part of a magnetic snap is attached to the inner flap piece
The projecting part of a magnetic snap is attached to the inner flap piece (lining)

Sew the flap outer piece and flap lining along the curved edge,rightsides together. 

Remember to clip the seam allowance all along, or atleast along the curves (this aids in turning the purse smoothly)

easy to sew fabric purse

Then turn it rightside out.

Press the flap nicely.

how to sew a simple purse

Step 7 

Attach the flap piece to the bag outerpiece backside top edge ( where the flap should be attached). Just sew it together.

Do not bother that you can see the seam and all, as you open the purse. It will all disappear out of sight as you attach the lining later.

how to easily sew a purse

Step 8 

Attach the snap -second piece of the pair, on the front part of your purse (outer). Position it correctly by placing the top snap piece and mark. Make small indentations, make cuts with your seam ripper and attach the snap

sewing an easy purse

Step 9 

Keep the outer bag (which is rightside out) inside the lining bag (rightside 

Sew along the top edge joining the two bags together. Sew the whole edge. Trim seam allowance. 

sewing tutorial for a diy purse

Turn the purse rightside out through the unstitched hole in the lining bag. It is a little messy, depending on the thickness of the interfacing you used – the whole ugly underbelly of the unfinished purse is exposed in this photo but what emerges is your finished purse.

Step 10

Now You have to close the hole with a few hand stitches. or just take the lining bag out of the purse and stitch the gap closed with a few sewing stitches.

easy diy purse

I could have added a pocket inside, even made it one with a zip closure – but I hate complicating things. When I am about to make a dozen of these, the less work, more I can make. And now I am ready to go out. 

purse sewing tutorial

DIY Fold over style Purse (the easiest way) – Method 2

A very easy to make Purse sewing tutorial
  1. Cut out one single piece of fabric

    Cut out a very thick fabric in the dimension 12 inches by 10 inches or bigger 14 inches by 11 inches. Interface with thick interfacingcut out and interface the fabric for making the purse

  2. Prepare a zipper

    The zipper has to be prepared to match the 11 inch edge. Most metal zippers are 7 inches or so; to make it 11 inches add extra fabric at the edges- this also adds a nice touch to your purse. Fold a fabric piece at the two edges of the zipper and top stitch in place. You may need to sew the zipper teeth together with hand sewing needle and thread before sewing this.finish the edges of zipper

  3. Sew zipper to one edge

    Keep the zipper face down on the edge of the right side up fabric. Sew the edges together.

  4. Sew the edge of zipper and the purse fabric

    Attach a zipper foot on your sewing the zipper to the purse edge with zipper foot on

  5. Fold the other side of the fabric up

    Now bring the other edge of the fabric over the zipperbring the other edge of the fabric over the zipper

  6. Sew this in place

    The other edge of the fabric is sewn with the zipper edge; You can sew from the other side (zipper side) as I have done in the picture. REMEMBER TO KEEP THE ZIPPER OPEN ATLEAST 2 the other edge of the fabric and the remaining zipper edge

  7. Sew the side edges of the purse

    Sew the side seams; You can finish the inside seam edges with binding or zig zag etc so that it doesnot fray inside.

  8. Bring the purse rightside out

    This is why the zipper is kept open; bring the purse right side out through the open zipper.the purse is right side out

  9. Fold over and use

    You can attach some flowers or buttons on the folded portion if you like fancy. sew easy purse


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