Super easy Makeup pouch : {Keep your cosmetics in style} 2 Sewing tutorials

sew makeup pouch


I don’t own much makeup. But what I own cluttered my bag to such an extent that I dreaded that one day I would take out the permanent marker in the dark and use it as lipstick. This was when I decided to make these small pouches – very easy to make (I would not make unless it is easy) and very easy to organize cosmetics inside a bag or in your cupboard too. 

How to make your makeup pouch

You need very thick fabric or fake leather or vinyl or 2 layers of fabric with interfacing inside to make this bag. It is better with a little thickness. I used a pretty and thick outer fabric, a matching lining and interfacing inside these two fabric pieces. You also need a long zipper. You can use the long ordinary zipper or the concealed one.

Cut out fabric rectangles of size – whatever size you want. You can increase or decrease the dimensions as you wish – according to how big a makeup hoarder you are. I cut it 17 inch length and 11 inch width.

Keep the fabric pieces one on top of the other infront of you. ie lining, interfacing (the interfacing can be adhered to the lining or the outer fabric) and then outer fabric on top – face up. 

Keep your zipper face down along the top edge of the fabric – along the width ie. 11 inch side.

make a makeup pouch

Use a zipper foot on your sewing machine and sew in place. Bring the zipper rightside up, as in the picture below. 

After this,You can top stitch the zipper edge – so that it looks neater. I have not. I just pressed the sewing allowance open from the inside on the zipper. Now I feel I should have top stitched for more a neater look.

Now bring the bottom edge of the fabric up, to the top edge of the zipper, as in the picture below. 

Sew the fabric and zipper edge together. Use the zipper foot here too.

After you have sewn, this is how it would look from the other side.

You can top stitch the zipper edge here too.

Bring (Adjust) the zipper to the top half like in the picture below.

makeup pouch sewing tutorial

Open the zipper. Do not forget to do this.

Sew the side edges closed. Finish the edges with zig zag.

Clip the corners a teeny weeny bit so that the ends turn nicely.

Bring the pouch inside out through the open zipper.


This bag took in all of my makeup. 

Lined Makeup pouch

Here is another cosmetic pouch tutorial.

sewing cosmetic pouch

This is a lined pouch boxed at the bottom and with the sewing allowances concealed neatly inside. The dimensions are right for storing smaller but taller things. Change the dimensions according to your needs.

I have cut out 2 pieces of outer fabric, 2 pieces of lining, and a zipper that matches the long edge. Cut the 4 fabric pieces in this dimension – 4 inch by 11 inch.

cosmetic makeup pouch sewing tutorial

I only had a 7 inch zipper and as I needed a 11 inch zipper I lengthened it using a small trick. Using tabs. Just fold two fabric pieces and top stitch in place.

Diy makeup pouch


makeup pouch

Keep one of the outer fabric piece right side up in front of you. Keep the zipper right side down on top. Then keep the lining on top.

Use zipper foot on your sewing machine. Sew the top edge.

Bring the zipper rightside up. Press. This is how it will look.

DIy makeup pouch

Now take the other lining.

Keep the piece you have stitched on top of the lining.

how to sew a makeup pouch

Keep the other outer fabric rightside down on this. As in the picture below.

Sew the top edge. Use the zipper foot here too.

sewing a makeup pouch

When you open this is how it will look from the outside.

makeup pouch

and the inside.

Bring the lining to one side and outer fabric to the other side.

Leave 2 inches unstitched on the lining.

makeup pouch sewing pattern

Now to box the corner, pinch the corner so that the seams are together and sew across.

how to make a makeup pouch

I marked 1 inch across and then sew across along this mark.

make a makeup pouch

You can cut ot off or leave it as it is.

Bring the whole thing right side out.

The lining bag has some space which you to stitch. Use a hand sewing needle to neatly sew the space shut or just sew with the sewing machine. You can use a ladder stitch for hand sewing.

Everything and more are stuffed inside. For now.

how to sew easy makeup pouch

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