Sew a Wedding Pouch in a jiffy

Sewing tutorial for making a drawstring pouch you can carry to weddings - with just the right kind of shiny fabric
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wedding pouch sewing tutorial

I always hated going to weddings. Now that I am never invited to one (due to the restrictions on invites), I long to attend one. And now there is one on the horizon – a long long time later, but still, I am all set to go. And I am already thinking of things to sew. A pretty bling-y pouch is on top of the list.

Here is an easy way to make a small drawstring pouch for attending a wedding.

Easy wedding pouch – Sewing tutorial 

  1. Cut out the pattern piece for the pouch outer body.

    Fold a 12 inch by 8 inch (or a little bigger) fabric piece by the middle. Mark the dimensions given in the picture.cut 2 fabric pieces in a curved shape measuring 8 inches by 6 inches

  2. Cut out 2 of these from the outer fabric

    Cut 2 of these from outer fabric

  3. Cut 2 lining fabric

    Using the same dimensions cut out 2 lining fabric pieceswedding pouch sewing tutorial

  4. Sew the outer and lining together

    Keep one of the outer fabric and one lining rightsides together (right sides to the inside). Sew them together at the top edge. keep one lining fabric and one outer fabric rightsides together

  5. Open up and press the seam allowance
    You have 2 such pieces now.

  6. Finish the casing edge

    Take a needle and matching thread; fold the portion near the seam 1 1/2 inch to either side of the seam twice to the inside so that you have a narrow hem there. Sew with whip stitches. You can sew this with your sewing machine also.use whip stitches to sew the casing edge

  7. Sew for the other side also

    Do this for both the front and back pieces

  8. Join the two pieces together

    Keep the front and back pieces together, right sides to the inside and sew along the outer edge. Remember to skip sewing the hemmed area. That should not be sewn shut – it is the opening for the drawstring. The red line in the picture is the sewing line.keep the 2 pieces rightsides to the inside and sew along the outer edge leaving the stitched area

  9. Turn the pouch right side out

    Through one of the casing side opening turn the pouch right side out. You can now press the seam line so that lining lies to the inside.

  10. Cut out ribbon

    You need to cut 48 inches long small 1/2 inch wide ribbon as drawstring for your pouch.

  11. Thread ribbon through casing

    Using a pin thread the ribbon through one of the casing edge. After this make a simple knot along the same edge as in the picture below

  12. Thread the ribbon through the back casing

    Transfering the pin to the other edge of the ribbon, thread the ribbon through the back casing to the other side.thread through the casing

  13. Make a knot and join ribbon edges

    Make a similar knot as made earlier. Then join the ribbon edges together. Use an overlapped seam or a french seam to sew the ribbon edges together. This will neaten the cut edges.

  14. Tighten the drawstring of the pouch.

    wedding pouch sewing tutorial

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