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Discover how to make a book pouch in simple steps! Perfect for beginners, this DIY guide uses easy-to-find materials to help you keep your books in style
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Do you know what gets me from one day to the next – other than books, chocolate, and Netflix – my daily planner! I am hopeless at organizing, and this planner saves me from several goof-ups. Even when I go out, it gets deposited inside my holdall bag, but then it always ends up in disaster; an open lipstick, sanitizer, pen ink – you know the result. So I really needed a book pouch. Here is how I made it.

DIY Book Pouch

Step 1

Cut out two fabric pieces outer fabric and the lining fabric) in the dimensions given below
19 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches – this was for my 8 1/2 inch(length) by 5 1/2 inch (width) daily planner. You can plan according to the size of your book. For the length of your fabric piece, double the width of the book and add 9 inches or so. For the width of your fabric piece, add 2 inches extra to the length of the book.

Step 2

Keep the two pieces (Outer piece and lining) right sides to the inside.

sew the edges together leaving 2 inches unstitched
Stitch them together at one short edge (one of the 10 1/2 inch edge) – but do not sew the whole width. In between, you have to leave 2 inches unstitched (this is to turn the purse inside out later)

Step 3

bring the joint seam part up

When you open up, the piece will be like this – one continous fabric piece. There is a 2 inch open space in the seam (You cannot see it in the picture, but believe me, it is there) – just ignore it for the time being.

Step 4

Bring the seam joint part up, slowly till you reach 4 inch from the top edge. Use scale to measure the edge so that both sides are equal, and the lining or the outer fabric is not riding up.

This is how it will look when the joining part is kept 4 inch down from the top edge.

Step 5

bring the lining edge also over the layers
Bring the lining edge up over the layers

Bring the lining edge up over the layers

Now bring the other side of the lining also up, over all this.

This is how it will look from the back

Step 6

Start stitching the side edges and the top edge of this folded piece.

sew the side and top edge

Step 7

Turn the purse right side out – for this you will have to put your hand in between the folds at the bottom edge and then locate the hole(the unstitched part you left earlier) and bring the pouch right side out.

Step 8

Sew the hole closed; but before that ensure that the corners are all pushed out. Use a knitting needle or something pointy without sharp ends for this. You can use ladder stitch for this or just use sewing machine stitches

Use Ladder stitch for closing the hole

Add fasteners

If you want to close the pouch more securely, you will want to add a fastener. You can use velcro for a very easy solution. Not that others are difficult. A button and thread loop is an easy to add fastener. A loop can be added at the short edge before sewing it shut. Keep a thread loop, curved edge to the inside on the short edge at step 5. Alternatively you can add a buttonhole and a button or a simple snap or even a magnetic one.

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