Laptop Sleeve : Sewing tutorial

A guide to create a functional and stylish laptop sleeve ; customize your laptop sleeve with your choice of fabric.

This post is a tutorial to sew a super easy but very effective laptop sleeve, meant to keep the laptop from being dirty, scratched, or wet inside bags and generally safe during everyday use.

how to sew a laptop sleeve

The advantage of being a lazy person is that they invariably find the easiest way to do things – which may even turn out to be effective. This laptop sleeve is very simple and fast to make, and I found it very effective in keeping my laptop cozy and comfortable. No need to say who is the lazy one here.

And it ought to be good; my laptop is a workhorse, and I abuse it to no end. So the least it deserves is a nice rest place, when not in use.

Tutorial for the laptop sleeve

Choose a thick fabric (upholstery fabric) or faux-leather to make this sleeve. You can choose to attach interfacing if you are using thin fabric. If you want a sturdy laptop sleeve, use interlining too.

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Sewing pattern and step by step tutorial to sew a laptop sleeve

Measure your laptop

You need to measure the length and width of the laptop. (Do you know that when buying a laptop bag you measure the screen across diagonally?) measure the laptop

Sewing pattern for the laptop sleeve

Copy this pattern on 2 fabric pieces ; outer and lining ; I am using the same fabric as outer and lining. You can add an extra layer as interlining for extra protection if you want to.laptop sleeve pattern - copy this on to 2 layers of fabric - outer and lining

Sew the two pieces together at the either edges

Keep the two outer and lining, right sides to the inside, together. Sew along the short edges ; red line in the picture is your stitching line.

Clip the seam allowance

You have to be aggressive in your clipping so that it will turn nicely when turned rightside out.clip the seam allowance

Turn the fabric right side out

Before you turn, it is beneficial to press seams open. After the fabric is turned rightside out, press everything neat and cleanpress the edges nicely

Attach velcro

Place velcro on the inside of the flap and outside of the bag part (Refer the picture)pin velcro as per the diagram

Stitch the velcro in place

laptop sleeve -attach the velcro

Stitch the sides together

Turn the bag, rightside to the inside. (this is very important) – (now the velcro part will be on the back). Fold the bag as in the picture below and start stitching one side together. You can bind the edges for prettying the inside or zig zag stitch the edge. lalign and stitch one side together

Align the other side and stitch

Join the other sides, the same way as in the step above. Remember that because the sides are cut a little wider in the pattern stage, there will be a looseness but this is needed for the pouch to hold your laptop. Align the edges and stitch. Finish the edges.align the other edges together and stitcj

Turn the bag right side out

The laptop sleeve is done. Keep your laptop safe inside. laptop sleeve is finished

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