Sew a Storage Pouch with zipper in a boxy shape

Tutorial to sew a very roomy storage pouch from fabric in a boxy shape with fabric handles. A lot of things can be stored and then neatly stacked

A boxy storage pouch is a necessity for a person like me who has a bazillion different things lying all over the place – I need storage like you and everyone needs —- oxygen, water, no internet!. 

A boxy pouch is a nice storage solution for a lot of things. You can make them in many sizes for storing your knickknacks, jewelry, cosmetics, toiletries – whatever is your thing. And with a zippered opening, they all stay in place inside. They can also be stacked neatly in your wardrobe. 

For me it is haberdashery- all kinds of thread, elastic, trims, buttons, beads, pins, what-have-you. That is my thing. To each their own.

boxy pouch

How to sew the boxy storage pouch

Step 1 Cut and prepare the fabric pieces (outer and lining) for the pouch

To make this medium sized pouch, cut out a thick fabric piece (or fabric which is interfaced – you need somewhat stiff fabric for the pouch to maintain shape) for the outer and another thick fabric (or fabric which is interfaced) for lining. Both should be cut in the same dimension – 17 inch long and 13 inch wide.

boxy pouch sewing tutorial

I have used scrap pieces cut from old jeans sewn together. You can see how I stitched it in this post on recycling old jeans into useful things. Used a thick home decor fabric for the lining. Keep the lining and the outerfabric rightsides to the inside. I have stitched them together with quilting stitches. You can skip the stitching part. 

boxy pouch sewing tips

Cut a handle from 3/4″ or 1″ wide webbing which is 9 1/2 inches long. You can make your own matching bag handle – follow this tutorial for making different types of bag handles.

how to sew a boxy pouch

You also need a long zipper – the ordinary one which is atleast 13 inches long. The zipper will be going on that 13 inch long edge – so if you have smaller zipper, make the pouch edge smaller.

Step 2. Join the zipper on one edge of the fabric

Keep the zipper rightside down on one 13 inch edge. Pin in place.

A closeup.

Change your presser foot to zipper foot. Sew the zipper edge and the fabric edge together close to the zipper teeth.

Now bring it right side up. Fingerpress the seam allowance and the zipper edge to the fabric side and top stitch in place.

Top stitch near the seam line, bringing the zipper edge and the seam allowance under control. You will have to change the needle position for this.

Step 3. Join the zipper on the other side

Open the zipper.

make boxy pouch

Pin the other edge of the zipper to the other edge of the fabric. You will have to twist the zipper edge as you pin so that the zipper edge and fabric edge are rightside together – when you do it you will get it.

A close up.

Remember to check that the zipper will close properly after you have pinned. And that everything is alright and aligned.

Change the needle position again. Top stitch as you did earlier.

You will get this.

how to make boxy organising pouch

Step 4. Keep the handle and join the sides

Turn the bag right side in (wrong side out). Bring the zipper to the middle. Keep everything lined up – ensure that both sides look the same etc.

( The red line shown in the picture below is supposed to be the handle. The handle is kept between the two layers of the fabric inside)

Keep the handle inside the bag (touching the rightside); handle turned to the inside, near the zipper, the edges inside the side edges of the bag. Pin in place.

Sew the sides. As you sew ensure that the zipper edges meet on the end of the zipper – the zipper teeth should touch together – you may want to pin there to ensure that this is maintained as you sew. 

Step 5. Box the 4 corners

Pinch the corners and sew across, 2 inches from the corner. Do this for all the 4 corners. This will give the flat boxy shape to the pouch.

Cut the corners away. Now you can use a bias binding tape to bind the cut edges inside for the pouch to be as neat looking on the inside as it looks inside.

Step 6. Bring it rightside out

And use.

boxy pouch for storage

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