Sew Super easy Toiletry Pouch :Sewing tutorial

If you are a traveler, or for that matter, if you live anywhere else other than your own house, you will need your own toiletry pouch – to keep toothbrush and other paraphernalia you need to complete your routines, secure and easy for you to tag them around.

You can buy a variety of toiletry pouches in the market. But what if you want one in a hurry – here is a tutorial to make one when you are short on time but still need a good sturdy one that can be zippered close.

make toiletry pouch

Fabric for making the toiletry pouch

For making a waterproof toiletry pouch, you can use a waterproof material for the outside as well as the lining; I have used fake leather for the outside. You can use any of the waterproof/water-resistant materials mentioned in this post.

As for the lining, use tightly woven Nylon or polyester – it is as good as water proof. And a 15 inch long nylon zipper. You also can use the nylon material to bind the fabric edges inside for extra sturdiness and water proofing.

I would suggest that you interface the outer fabric if it is thin.

Sewing tutorial for the Toiletry pouch

Step 1.

Take a 13 inch long and 10 inch wide fabric and fold by the middle. Cut out the outer fabric in this dimension. The top portion is curved by measuring 1 1/2 inch from the top corners. 

It will look like this when opened up. 

Toiletry pouch sewing tutorial

Step 2.

Cut out the lining also in the same dimension.

Toiletry pouch making tutorial

Step 3.

Select a zipper that is 15 inches long. If your zipper is longer, cut off the extra.

sewing a Toiletry pouch

Sew the top and bottom edge of the zipper teeth closed with a hand sewing needle and thread- just sew across the zipper teeth at both edges- this will prevent the zipper from opening up.

Step 4.

Finish the outer edges of the bag fabrics to prevent fraying.

Keep the outer fabric and lining – right sides to the outside. (the outer fabric right side out, on top of the lining fabric).

how to sew a Toiletry pouch

Step 5.

Find the middle of the curved top edge. Find the middle of the zipper.

make your won Toiletry pouch

Place the zipper face down on the curved edge; the middle marks aligning.

Step 6. Using a zipper foot, sew the zipper in place.

Step  7.

Now keep the other edge of the zipper on the other edge of the pouch.

sewing tutorial - toiletry pouch

Align the middle as you did for the other side. Pin in place and then stitch in place.

You can, at this point, bind the edge of the zipper and the fabric with a fabric strip – this will stabilize the seam, reinforce the waterproof ability, and look good on the inside.

Step  8. Now turn the pouch right side out.

Pin the bottom edge to box the corner.

how to sew a toiletry pouch

Sew across. You can choose how much you will sew to the inside. I made two stitching lines – one 1/2 inches to the inside from the first stitching line. 

Do the same for the other side.

making a pouch to keep toiletries

Bind the fabric edges here as well – binding makes your toiletry pouch neat inside.

Turn the pouch right side out.

toiletry case sewing easily

That was easy.

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