Make your own Luggage Tag

make luggage tags

A luggage tag is used when traveling to tag your luggage as your own – chances of losing your luggage in transit is the same if you use luggage tag or not but getting it back increases a lot more because of the identifying information you share on it. You should write more than your name on it – an email id and/or a phone number would do and maybe your address.(or maybe not – I would be wary of putting out my address like that for all to see)

You can make a luggage tag by cutting two pieces of leather or faux leather by 2 inch (or 3) width and 4 inch(or 5) width.

DIY luggage tag

Cut out a window in one of the pieces leaving 1/2 inches around.

how to make luggage tags

You can cut out clear plastic as well to protect your name card/printed paper with your information. Sandwich the name card in between the material, make stitches all around. You can hand stitch the leather/faux leather or use your sewing machine for this

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Use a hole punch to make a hole and add an eyelet

Check out this post to add an eyelet with a grommet tool here.

diy luggage tags

Another way to make a luggage tag with fabric pieces

Cut out 3 pieces in the dimension 3 or 4 inches by 5 or 6 inches.

sew luggage tags

Cut out the windows in 2 of the pieces.

Keep them together rightsides to the inside. Sew them together, along the inner edge – red line in the picture below. You will have to clip the seam allowance at this point – make small nips at intervals and at corners ensuring that you do not cut the stitching lines.

make your own luggage tags

Turn the pieces rightside out.

diy tags for luggage

Take the other piece , keep the name card on top, plastic piece on top and then the window piece over this.

make luggage tags

You can just turn under the edges to the inside and sew a straight line. Or make tight zig zag stitches. You can make a hole with an awl or another sharp tool and attach a hanging cord or something. 

Embroidered name tag

name tag

Cut out 2 pieces of felt and a stiff material which is just a little smaller – this is to be kept inside. 

name tags DIY

Embroider your name. Learn Letter Embroidery Tips and Tricks.

Keep the stiff material inside the two pieces of felt and make blanket stitches all along the edges.

name tag

Make a hole along one corner and hang it with cord. 

name tag2

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