How to make a Clutch purse with a Metal Frame

metal frame purse


There is nothing prettier than a metal framed purse. I guess this kind is called the Kiss clasp frame. If you get your hands on a metal frame, do not have any qualms about turning it into your own purse – do not be discouraged by the intimidating look of the frame. It is quite simple to make a metal frame purse.

Here is my frame – I love it. 

frame purse diy

And here is how I made my purse. I have a screw-on purse frame. You can also use glue on the purse frame and glue the top edge in between the frame. 

How to attach the metal frame on your purse

Trace the outline of your metal frame on a piece of paper – the paper should be big enough for you to make the pattern for the purse body as well.

You have to trace the bottom as well as the top edge of your frame. I only traced the bottom edge and then added 1/2 inch around. But you should trace the top edge too, for accuracy.

Add 1/4″ inch near the frame bottom edge. Make the rest of the bag pattern.

Cut out your purse pattern from the paper. Use this to trace the fabric for your purse. There are two types of frames – glue on type and screw on type. For screw-on type, you need the top edge to be thin enough for the screw to get through – my screw was very small and would only take one layer thickness.

You would want to interface the fabric – interfacing is not optional in bag making – if you need a good structure for your purse you will have to interface.

If you have cut two of the pattern pieces for your purse, keep them together rightsides to the inside. Sew the sides and bottom edges together.

Sew till the marking for the frame plus 1/4 inch up. 

make metal frame purse

If you box the corners, when you turn the purse rightside out, you get a flat bottom as in the picture below. I just pinched 1 inch from the corners and sew across.


metal frame purse diy

Keep the purse body in front of you  

make metal frame purse

Loosen the screws. You will need the narrowest cross head screwdriver for this. 

make purse with metal frame

Keep the fabric inside and place the facing plate on top and screw it back. 

make a purse with a metal frame make a purse -metal frame

You may find it easier to make holes on the fabric with an awl. 

How to make this Purse with lining

If you have the glue-on type or even the screw-on type you may want to add a lining to your purse.

For this, cut the lining piece in addition to the outer fabric. 

DIY purse with frame Sew the outer purse and the lining bag as you did earlier; remember to leave a 2-3 inch portion unstitched. You will need this part open to take the bag right side out.

Keep the lining bag rightside out and the outerbag rightside in. 

make DIY purse with frame

Insert the lining bag inside the outer bag. 

how to make a metal frame purse

Align the top edges of both the bags. 

make metal frame purse

Sew the top edge of the outerbag and the lining bag together for both the sides. Clip the seam allowance generously – if it is a curved shape you will need this clipping to get it to turn nicely. 

After stitching, bring the bag rightside out through the hole in the lining bag. 

After the bag is neatly rightside out, sew the hole in the lining bag closed. You can machine sew on the outside or just hand sew with a slip stitch. 

sew a metal frame -purse

Now the top edge can be inserted into the frame and glued in place. You will have to be very careful when using the glue – you do not want a mess on your new purse. 

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