40 Different types of popular footwear for women

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A pair of good shoes can change your life. You don’t believe me? Ask Cinderella!

Different types of Shoes 

Ballet flat shoes

Flat fitted shoes usually made of canvas, satin or leather.

Ballerina shoes (Pointe shoe )

The kind of satin shoes worn by ballerinas. They do not have the hard heels of regular ballet shoes. 

Bathroom slippers

names of footwear

Birkenstock Footwear

types of footwear

This is a branded footwear with a distinctive shape with a cork-and-latex footbed.

Block heel shoes

types of shoes

These shoes have small, medium or high heels which look like a block (rather than tapered)


name of all shoes

Boots are shoes that cover the foot atleast till the ankles. 

Brogue shoes

A type of low heeled shoes with many perforations on the surface given as a decoration. 

Canvas shoes

what is the name of this shoe

Casual shoes made of sturdy and durable canvas material and with rubber soles. They can be laced or slip on.

Chelsea boots

types of footwear

Close-fitting ankle-length leather boots with an elastic side panel which ease putting the boots on.

Clogs shoes

A casual shoe with a flat base and an open back; usually closed toe.

Cowboy boots

footwear for women

Calf length leather boots ; they usually have several embossings on the surface .

Crocs shoes

This is a very popular trademarked clogs shoes.

names of different types of shoes

Converse shoes

types of shoes

This is a very popular branded canvas shoes.

Dress Shoes

Leather shoes that are worn with formal wear.


names of womens footwear

A light canvas shoes with a plaited fiber sole


shoe names

Very comfortable footwear without any heels.

Gladiator footwear

These are footwear with straps tied around the ankle, calf or the whole leg – the kind of shoes that you would see on greek gladiators in the bygone era.

Hiking shoes/boots

Rough and tough, sturdy, waterproof , anti-skid,  ankle support shoes or boots.


Fully plastic footwear with a jelly-like transparent or shiny look.

what is the name of this girl's footwear

Kitten heel shoes

name of different shoes

Shoes with  a small pointed heel

Loafer shoes

A casual slip on shoes without any lacing in the front. There are many kinds of loafers, depending on the type of design on the front of the shoes.

Mary jane shoes

Flat round toed shoes with a single strap across the top of the foot.


Soft leather heelless shoes. It has a u shaped piece over the foot.

Mule shoes

types of footwear for women

A type of shoes without any strap or constraints around the heels.

Over the knee boots

The name says it all – boots that cover the knees.

Oxford shoe

It is a leather dress shoe with a closed lacing system.


names of shoes

Pumps or stilettoes with a front opening giving a glimpse of the toes.

Platform shoes

Shoes with a thick sole

Platform flipflops/Slippers

what is this shoe called

Pump shoes

Shoes with the front covered.

Running shoes

name of different types of shoes

These are anti-skid shoes with lots of cushioning and support meant for supporting the foot during athletic activities.


names of all types of shoes

The name refers to any open type of footwear, be it flats or heels with more open space than covering over the foot. Sandals usually have straps over the instep and around the ankle. 


Simple slip-on footwear that you slide on to your foot. 


what do you call this footwear

These are good looking sports shoes meant for athletic activities and also for casual daily wear. 

Slingback shoes
kinds of footwear for women

Footwear with a strap in the back behind the heel or the ankle.


footwear names

Shoes without lacing in the front.

Snow boots

footwear for women

The kind of boots you would prefer to go out in winter – sturdy waterproof boots with a fur lining that is visible from the outside.

Stiletto shoes 

Shoes with a thin high tapering heel.

Suede Shoes

kinds of footwear for girls

Shoes made of a leather with a napped surface.

Wedge shoes

name of footwear for women

This is a heeled footwear with heel and sole made of one solid piece (wedge) of material

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