What is Vintage Fashion Style, Retro Fashion or Vintage Inspired Fashion

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Vintage Fashion refers to clothing that was made in another period, particularly that date back at least 20 years from today, but in the 20th century. The word Vintage means ‘being of an earlier time’. A vintage clothing is an article of used clothing that is highly valued today, because of its uniqueness, style and timelessness. 

True vintage clothes are clothes designed by famous designers of yore. They are exclusive and very expensive. Vintage clothing can also be handmade or factory made. It can be used or new. You can get real vintage clothing in shops that specialise in them.

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Fashion is cyclical in nature and many fashions of yesteryears are revived and stylized to suit the modern taste but this is not Vintage Fashion. It may have vintage fashion elements but is made to suit the modern sense of style.

Some clothes are made to look like clothing of the past. They are made as replicas of vintage clothing. Fashion trends of the respective periods are copied and worn, with the same elan as then. This is ‘vintage-inspired fashion‘. Another term used for Vintage Inspired fashion is Retro Fashion.

Clothing from the 19th century is called ‘Antique’, not vintage. To be exact, clothing made 100 years and over is classified as antique.

Some of the clothing that has seen such revival are drop-waist dresses with intricate sequins work of the 1920s, cloche hats and long coats of the 193o’s, big hair bands, large dark glasses, short mini-skirts of 1960s, knee-length sleeveless full polka dot dresses with ricrac trims of the 1945s, floral designed short shift dress of the 1950s, Gladiator sandals of the 1940s,  puffy bouffant floral printed party dresses of the 1960s, cardigan twin sets popularised by Coco Chanel, Swing coats of the 1950s. 

You can find many inspirations for your Vintage style dressing online – the collections in the National Museum Scotland is worth drooling over for those who love Vintage fashion. Check it out here. 

Facebook groups to checkout for learning more about Vintage Fashion styles : https://www.facebook.com/groups/FashionUncovered/



If you want to know the period your vintage clothing was made check out this post How to date Vintage clothing

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