20+ Best & Easy to sew {Free} APRON PATTERNS

I am at best a mediocre sewist -but there is one thing I can sew perfectly every time I take it up. I am talking about sewing an Apron. The basic apron aside, there are so many different versions of it and many blessed sewists have attempted to make them and taken the trouble to document them so that, it is easy on our brain not to conceive all of them and get brain fog.

I bet that at the end of this post you will start at least 4 of these projects at one time and not finish any of them. Well, I guess I am extrapolating my situation onto you; Yes, I have seen it and sewn it. Let us see how it will work out for you.

Adjustable Apron

I love all the things made in this blog. This apron is no exception. A very elegant apron that can be used by all.  Check out the apron pattern here

apron patterns
Pumps & Pearls Apron

This beautiful blogger has made a beautiful apron that makes her look like sunshine. The gathers at the neck and the pretty colour are endearing. Check out the apron pattern here

Maids a Milking Apron

As the blogger says, wish I could wear it as a dress. The ruffles on the bodice makes this apron special. Check out the apron pattern here

kids sweater apron
Kids sweater Apron

This cute apron is made by cutting out and refashioning an old sweater. The sleeve cuffs and other parts of the sleeve are all put to use as pockets Check out the apron pattern here

apron patterns
Spring Apron

A beautiful apron which looks like a halterneck dress. Check out the pretty apron pattern here

Quilt Block Apron

If you are like me you have many quilt blocks lying around where you practiced your patchwork when you should have been cleaning or something. Think of showing them off to your guests while you are serving them your tasty meals. Check out the apron pattern here

bandana apron
Bandana  Apron

When people are creative they can make anything - even a square bandana can be converted easily into an apron . Check it out here


Cottage Chic Apron

This is a simple tutorial to make a very pretty reversible cottage chic cooking apron with a ruffled trim along its rounded curve.  Check out the apron pattern here

Pillowcase Apron

I love anything repurposed - here a pillowcase is repurposed to a cute little Apron. Simple enough but the beauty and functionality is no less. Check out the apron pattern here

T-shirt Apron

Another very simple repurposing of the t-shirt to Apron - how convenient is that!  Check out the apron pattern here

Men's shirt to Apron

Another repurposed apron- A Men's Dress Shirt is Repurposed to Apron.  Check out the apron pattern here

Boy's Apron

Check out the apron pattern for a reversible apron for boys here

Cleaning Apron

The cleaning professionals do a thorough and efficient job of cleaning because of their systems and tools - of which their professional apron is a major one. Now I know why I hated cleaning - I did not have this apron.  Check out the apron pattern here

Crafty Apron

Tinkering with tools and hardware is not the favourite pastime of most girls. But for those who like to do that, here is a girly apron with all the functionality of a crafty apron with enough pockets.  Check out the apron pattern here

Flirty Apron

Even if you are the 'no cooking no cleaning' girl, you may want this apron- just for impressing your husband. The flirty apron looks cute and very flirty. Check out the apron pattern here

Lolita Apron

This apron pattern and tutorial is clearly meant for Lolita dressers but looks like something I would like to make myself. Very feminine and pretty.  Check out the apron pattern here

Ruffle Apron

Ruffles are always pretty - they look especially justified on an apron than on a garment. Check out the apron pattern here

Kappogi Apron

This site has a detailed tutorial to make this practical Japanese apron and many others.   Check out the apron pattern here

Smock Apron

The speciality of a smock apron is that you can wear it and know for certain that no part of your dress will be soiled. Check out the downloadable apron pattern here

Kids Art Apron

If you are making a craft apron for a kid, nothing better than one which can store crayons. And this is it.   Check out the apron pattern here

Reversible Hostess Apron

This apron can be worn on two consecutive days and no one would guess they are the same - the magic of reversible apron. Check out the apron pattern here

Garden Apron

You can make this good looking and useful garden apron in Vinyl or fake leather.   Check out the apron pattern and tutorial  here

A Basic Apron

This is the apron pattern on this site - a simple 'one size fits all' apron tutorial.  Check out the apron pattern and tutorial  here

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