What is an Apron? :10 different types of Aprons

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An Apron is a protective clothing worn over other regular clothes – it is worn as needed when you do some work that involves your clothing getting dirty or damaged.

A protective apron is one necessary clothing you need in your cupboard – for adults as well as kids. You cannot even fathom how much an apron can protect your clothing from – all those spills, greasy hands, water stains, stains, etc. Only someone who does regular laundry would know. It makes sense to give an apron to every kid who gets down to messy play. 

There are many kinds of aprons – depending on their shape, the trims used, the materials used to make them, etc.

Different types of Aprons

Bib Apron

apron names

This is your regular apron, with ties at the neck and the waist; Also called Barbeque apron. 

The basic apron is one of the easiest of all sewing projects – it is just a piece of fabric with some ties attached to the neckline and waistline – these fasten the apron behind the neck and the waist, keeping it secure over your clothing. There are many variations that you can give to this basic apron. Just change the shape of the neckline, the line of the armhole, hemline, and the back. 

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Half apron

what is an apron

This is an apron that starts at the waistline and looks like a skirt – it gives protection only to the clothing under your waistline. 

Waitress Apron

apron types

A watress apron is a plain short half apron with lots of pockets – for keeping pens and notebook when you are taking orders. 

Girly Apron

kinds of aprons

This is an apron with lots of ruffles/frills at the hem and/or neckline or the full body. Usually made for small girls.  

Flirty Apron/ Retro Apron

names of aprons

This is a variation of the girly apron which is more suited for an adult. This kind of apron was very popular in the past. 

Work Apron 

what is an apron

This is an apron made of canvas material with many pockets to keep your tools in place ready to take out as you work. You can find it in shops under names like “woodworking apron“, Tool Apron etc. This is a very durable apron that is as tough as it looks.

The canvas material will usually be waterproof and will have reinforcements like rivets on many points for durability. You can use  a thick canvas to make this apron if you want a plain one or printed oilcloth if you want  sturdiness but some prettiness too

Slipover Apron /Smock Apron

all types of aprons

This is an apron that looks like a top but with a big enough neck opening so that you can slip it over the neck to wear it over your regular clothing. When you wear this kind of apron your back is also protected.

Cross back apron

This is an apron with the straps crossing over at the back. You can find a tutorial to make a cross back apron here.

Disposable aprons

These are protective aprons that you use and throw, made of water-repellent plastic material. You can get these aprons in regular apron size and as full-body covering with long sleeves

Pinafore Aprons 

This looks more of a clothing than a protective covering. This Apron is worn over dresses and skirts. It is modelled after the kind of apron worn by Victorian maids.

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