15 popular Indian Traditional clothing for Men

One side of the country does not know what the other side is wearing – this is true for no other country in the whole world than India. The cultural diversity of the country reflects in fashion and clothing too. If I start to list out all the clothing in the country I will turn old before I finish. Here are the most popular traditional clothes for Indian men.

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Popular Indian Traditional clothing for men


traditional indian clothing for men -achkan

Achkan is a long loose buttoned-up coat with long sleeves and high neck and band collar. It is worn by Indian men for ceremonial occasions like weddings. 


indian traditional mens wear -angavastram

This refers to a long piece of fabric folded and worn over the shoulder. It may be neatly folded or draped.


clothing for indian men -bandhgala

Bandhgala is a formal jacket used as evening wear by Indian men. It has a standing band collar. Bandhgala may be worn sleeveless over a long sleeved shirt or may have long sleeves on it.

It is also called Nehru Jacket after former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who used to wear it frequently. Another name is Sadri Coat. 


traditional indian clothing for men -barabandi

A short double-breasted jacket fastened on the left side with long sleeves. It is tight fitting till the waist but flares from there. Another short  jacket with short sleeves and no flare is also called Barabandi


indian traditional menswear13

This is a long loose robe style tunic, fastened with ties in the center front opening. 


traditional indian menswear -dhoti pants

The Dhothi is a large loincloth worn with the underside brought to the front from the left side and tucked in tightly at the front waistline at the navel. It can be pleated at the front. Different ways of wearing the dhothi can be seen in different parts of the country.


indian traditional menswear clothing -jama

A long coat worn for weddings and other ceremonial functions. Also called Angrakha (Angarkha), it has the upper lapel fastened with ties over the left side. It can be close fitting on the upper bodice with a lot of flare at the hem


indian traditional mens wear -jodhpur pants

A Jodhpur is a type of pants that looks very much like riding breeches; very loose till the knees and then tight fitting from knee to the ankle.

Jodhpuri suit

jodhpuri suit

It is an ensemble that consists of a Bandhgala coat with long sleeves and fitting trousers or jodhpur pants. This is one of the most popular looks favoured by bridegrooms in India. It is as close to western clothes that Indian clothing can get.



Kurta is a knee length tunic shirt with long sleeves and a buttoned placket. It is worn as a casual garment on its own or with sleeveless jackets, for formal functions.


indian clothing for traditional occassions -lungi

Lungi is a rectangular piece of fabric worn like a sarong around the body tied at the waist. It reaches to the floor or up to the ankle when let down but it is also worn folded doubled up from the knee. 


traditionl indian menswear clothing -pajama

There are two kinds of Pajamas – Baggy pajamas called Salwars and tighter ones called Churidhars. The salwar is loose fitting with lots of gathers. Churidhar is a tight fitting pant, a little loose above the knees and somewhat tight below the knees. Chudi pants are churidhar pants with lots of folds near the ankles.


This is a knee length loose garment made of woolen material worn like a coat over regular clothing. The sleeves of pheran are long wide and loose. It is usually tied around the waist with a long woolen rope 


Pagri is a head turban

This is a pre-formed turban, a headdress. It consists of a fabric piece worn twisted or folded around the head, usually worn by bridegrooms. Also called Pagg.When the turban is freshly formed it is called a Pheto.



A sherwani is a very popular formal Indian wear worn by men for weddings and other functions. It is a knee length jacket with a band collar and center front opening with a slit at the center front bottom edge. It is worn over a Kurta or shirt; fitted pants or jodhpur pants are used as pants under the Sherwani.

Which is the most popular traditional clothing worn by men in India?

That will be Kurta-pajama in india. A lot of people (especially in North India) wear kurta pajama ensemble for everyday wear as well as for celebrations and formal occassions. In South India, that will a Veshti, lungi and kurta or shirt.

What clothing are popular for an Indian traditional wedding?

Sherwani, Kurta pajama, Bandhgala Suit, Jodhpuri suit

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