25+ Neckline designs suitable for salwar suits and kurtis

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How to choose the right neckline design for your dress, top tunic or kurti

Any neckline would look perfect on some one as beautiful as Kareena Kapoor, the style icon to millions and there is not a neckline which would not suit her. That is not the case with many of us. We have to carefully assess which neckline would suit us before choosing a dress other wise the whole effect of the dress would be spoiled once we wear it.

Blindly following fashion when choosing the neckline of your dress is a mistake many people commit. This is a strict no no. 

Let us see what are the factors which we should take into account when deciding on a neckline design. First and foremost is our body shape ie whether we have  broad shoulders or broad hip ; whether we have heavy bust or small bust; whether our neck is long and thin or short and thick. Shape of our face like a heavy jaw, double chin should also be taken into consideration. 

There are some simple rules you should follow when choosing the right neckline design that will flatter you and bring out the beauty of your most beautiful features. 

V neckline

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The V neckline plunges from the shoulder to a point in the middle. This neckline is a very popular choice of women of all shapes and sizes because it flatters all figures.  As it sort of makes the whole body especially the neck look elongated this neckline is an ideal choice if you have a short neck or wide neck . It is also suited for people with broad shoulders.  Also an ideal choice if your face is heavier on the lower part like heavy/wide jaw, double chin etc. 

If you have a round face this neckline can make your face look thinner.

Sweetheart neckline

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This neckline in the shape of a heart is an almost perfect neckline which works for all;
This is especially suitable for a girl with broader hips.
If you have very short neck this neckline will make you look good. If you have small bust and want to look shapely you can choose this neckline. Contrary I know but this neckline also looks attractive on large busted ladies

Scoop neckline

neckline designs for kurti

The classic scoop neckline is a very flattering simple neck style.This neckline is very suitable if you have a short or wide neck - this will elongate your neck. 
But If you have broad shoulders do not choose a wide scoop neckline. 

If you have a boyish or athletic  figure with a flat chest this may not be the most flattering neck style but for a small chested figure this neckline will give you a curvy look.If you have small bust shape this will help create an illusion of fullness.If you are short of stature and you want to look tall you can choose this neckline. 

Split neck line 

neckline designs for kurti

This is a combination of round neckline with a slit in the centre making a V shape or sometimes a U. This is a very common design for tunics and kurtis. A very flattering neckline it will suit most body shapes. Usually there will be embroidery around the slit and this will look very flattering on a small busted figure. 

A variation of this neckline is the keyhole neckline. Keyhole neckline includes a button or hook on top of the slit.

Jewel neckline

This is a simple neckline which mirrors the curve of the neck ; It is also popular as a tshirt neck or crew neck. It is best to avoid this neckline if you have a large bust, a short neck, or a double chin.

It will make the bust area look fuller so avoid if you are heavily endowed ;likewise this neckline is a blessing for small busted figures.

Illusion or sheer neckline

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Illusion / sheer necklines typically have 2 necklines with a sheer panel of lace or see through fabric above a lower neckline ( which can be of any other styles) to a higher neckline.

This is a very attractive neckline and you can embellish this neckline with sequins embroidery etc for a glamorous look.

Square neckline

neck deigns for dresses kutis

This is another neckline which suits most women but especially those short neck and narrow shoulders
A girl with round face is another good candidate with this neckline as it will balance the too round face shape. If you have heavy hips this neckline can make it look a little less heavier considering all other factors.

Pentagonal  neckline

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This is a variation of the sweetheart neckline

Strapless Sweetheart  neckline

neclkine designs

This variation of the sweetheart neckline can work as a strapless version or with thin spaghetti straps.

U neckline 

neclkine designs

A universally liked neckline this will suit most body shapes 

Highneck design

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High in the back and plunging in the front this creates a very elegant look to the wearer. 

Deep square neckline

neckline designs for kurti

This neckline would not suit a big busted figure as it will create an illusion of more fullness 

Boat neckline

neckline designs for kurti

If you have a pear shaped body shape (ie broad hips and narrow shoulders)this neck line would be ideal as it will make your shoulder on par with your hips and create  balance; - if you have broad shoulders please avoid this neckline 

As this neckline draw attention to the bust area this will work great for a small busted figure giving it an illusion of fullness.

You can show off a beautiful collar bone or a long neck with this neckline so work them to your advantage with this neckline

This neckline is also referred as princess or bateau neckline and will make you look shorter if you are very tall by stature want to look short.

Cowl neck 

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Cowl neck is a very flexible design which will suit a variety of body shape according to the depth of the cowl. A small busted shape and a large busted shape can equally be benefited by this neckline depending on its drape. Avoid heavy drapes on the bust area if you are large busted. Ideally this is the neckline most suited for a girl with small bust shape and well toned arms.

Another feature it enhances is a long neck ; if you have a short neck this neckline can make your neck look even thicker if the cowl is around your neck.

Strapless neckline

neck deigns for dresses kutis

This neckline has no slleeves and sometimes sport slim spagetti straps to hold the bodice in place. It wouldnot suit all bodyshapes. Those will large bust sizes and/or narrow shoulders are better without this neckline on them. For a broad shouldered girl a strapless neckline with a straight cut would look very flattering ; Sweetheart necklines in this style are also popular.

If you have flabby arms it is better to avoid this neckline ; Well toned arms are prerequisite for this neckline.Good shoulders and a not heavy bustline also suits this neckline

Shirt collar neckline

neckline designs for kurti

Donot choose a collared neckline or its many variations if u have short or wide neck
Girls with a long face will look good in collars; If you have narrow shoulders this neckline would be the right choice


Full collar design

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If you have a small bust a collared neckline would suit you.

Mandarin collar neckline

neck deigns for dresses kutis

Half collar neckline

neckline designs for kurti

A combination of mandarin collar with V neck 


Front placket neckline

neck deigns for dresses kutis

Off shoulder neckline

neckline designs for kurti

This neckline comes way below the shoulder line and cuts across the body in a horizontal line in a very flattering style for some body shapes. This is not a suitable neckline for top heavy figures but can look good on a shape with broad hips

Aymmetrical neckline

neck deigns for dresses kutis

This is a style which usually depicts a one shouldered look with a diagonal neckline. This neckline style is suitable for those with narrow shoulder and thin arms. A nice collarbone can be shown off in style with this neckline. This style would not  suit a figure with broad shoulders

Halter neckline

neck deigns for dresses kutis

If you have sloping shoulders it is better to avoid this neckline

This neckline is best suited for those with small bust shape, slim arms and good shoulders.

Top heavy body shapes can look somewhat awkward in this neckline.