8 types of Round Necklines (including Jewel neck and Crew neck) : Differences

Discover the different kinds of round necklines, from Jewel to Crew neck! Learn the differences and find your perfect style.

Everyone loves a round neckline – the circular neckline that sits around the base of the neck, balances out a lot of facial features like angular jaw, long face etc. The way a round neckline frames the face makes it a very popular neckline of all the necklines out there.

But is it the same as a crew neckline? or the other types of circular-shaped necklines.

round necklines on tshirts

Different types of Round Necklines

The Standard Round Neck

round neckline on a chiffon top

This is the basic, classic round neckline.  This neckline forms a circular shape around the neck. It is a simple and timeless style and is popular for all kinds of clothes for women like tops, dresses, and sweaters.

A round neckline is usually a narrow neckline, as it starts at the base of the neckline, but there are other round necklines which are exceptions to this rule.

round neckline and crew neckline

Crew neckline

A crew neckline is a round neckline that sits higher on the neck, at the base.

Round neckline vs Crew neckline

crew neckline of a tshirt

The best way to tell you is this – all-round necklines are not crew necklines but all crew necklines are round necklines. The crew neck is the official neckline of a t-shirt. It is also favored in sweatshirts, tops, and dresses.

The crew neckline was first worn by rowing teams at Ivy League universities. This neckline was popular among sportspersons like football players and baseball players. But later it was adopted by all and today you will find a crew neckline on all kinds of clothes especially on t-shirts.

Round neck and crew neck are commonly considered as a sporty casual neckline. But a round neckline is also seen in formal dresses like gowns.

The symmetrical and rounded shapes of these necklines appeal with their simplicity. It gives adequate covering without hindering movement or causing discomfort. 

The crew neckline has a close-fitting, rounded shape. In my experience, it is not a good neckline for those with an apple body shape (with a top-heavy body), if you want to de-emphasize the top-heaviness.  Whereas a round neckline can be flattering

Jewel neckline

jewel neckline on a woman's top

The jewel neckline is also called a high round neck. The jewel neckline sits higher on the neck than a standard round neckline but lower than a crew neckline. It also has a close-fitting, circular shape and is usually on the same depth as the length at which a jeweled necklace is worn.

jewel neckline on a dress

A jewel neckline is a modest and sophisticated neckline often seen in formal dresses and professional attire. It is a universally liked neckline.

Scoop Neck or U neckline

scoop neckline

The scoop neck is a variation of the round neckline. A Scoop neckline has a wider and deeper curve than the standard round neckline. This neckline resembles a U-shape or a gentle scoop. It exposes the neckline and some decolletage and is said to be flattering to almost all body shapes.

scoop necklines

It creates the illusion of an elongated neckline.

Boat Neck

boat neckline

The boat neckline or bateau neckline with a slight curve to the horizontal line can look very much like a round neckline – it is just a very wide, rounded neckline. It sits slightly off the shoulders, exposing the collarbones.

Keyhole Neckline

round neckline with a keyhole

The keyhole neckline is a round neckline with a small teardrop-shaped or circular cutout at the front or back.

Halter Neck

halter neckline

The halter neckline usually creates the line of a round neckline. It usually has a band along the neck which is cut as a rounded shape. Even a strappy top, by the way, it is cut and tied, and features a round neckline. The spaghetti strap top has  a strap that wraps around the back of the neck, forming a circular curve around the neck

Cowl neck

The cowl neck can be counted as a round neckline when it sits lower on the neck in a round curve, typically ending just above the collarbones.

Who suits a round neckline?

If you take an article for ‘clothes best suited for an apple body shape’ it will say scoop neckline and if you take an article for ‘clothes best suited for a pear body shape’ it will still say scoop neckline, again.

scoop neckline

The scoop round-neckline is a perfect neckline for a pear-shaped body with wider hips, and thighs. It balances out a pear-shaped body by drawing attention upward toward the neck and face. The neckline diverts the attention away from the hips (if that is what you want). For an apple shaped body, a scoop neckline will emphasize the collarbones and neck while not drawing excessive attention to the thicker midsection.

If you have a straight body without any curves, a round curvy neckline can bring out an illusion of soft curves.

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