Cowl neck styles – Some {stunning} ways to wear them

Effortlessly cool – That is what cowl neck is for me. A cowl neck top or dress is a wardrobe staple for all the fashionistas out there. It effortlessly accentuates your face and the best of your body with the soft way the cowl folds frames your face and drape across your body.

A medium cowl neck is flattering for all body shapes. If you are top-heavy the voluminous cowl neckline should be avoided. And by the same coin, a voluminous cowl could be the life saver for a small busted lady. 

The fabric used to make the cowl neck is a big factor in the way the folds of the cowl fall. You should choose a soft and flowing fabric to sew the cowl, rather than a stiff heavy weight fabric, for that soft folds which fall like a scarf with a great draping style.

Earlier this neckline was usually found in mostly evening wear gowns made in expensive drapey fabrics like silk, satin but nowadays this neckline is very common in all kinds of clothing. You see a lot of knit cowl neck dresses and even sportswear and casual tops sport this neckline. 

Casual Cowl

Cowl Dress

Sweater Cowl

Back Cowl

Glamour Cowl

Office chic Cowl

Leather cowl

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