Make Flowers with Yarn, thread or cord

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Yarn flowers have a sort of rustic charm. They are best when added as decorations on top of gift wrapping, on bags and purses, on your accessories, as a corsage. And they are quite easy to make. 

To make this loopy yarn flower, take a thick rode or chopsticks as I have done, or a scale or a pencil. Depends on what you have at hand. Take yarn or the 6 strands of embroidery floss, or cord. 

yarn flower

Start windinf the yarn on this long object you have. First make a knot around it with the yarn. Make a loop with the yarn as in the picture below.

Take the chopstick end through this loop.

make flowers with yarn

Continue making the loop and inserting the chopsticks  through it, till you have made many such loops.

make flowers with yarn

Take a needle and thread and then make knots along the knotted edge along the object (refer the picture below). Basically you will be making button hole stitches through the knots. This will create the knots securing the loops along the edge.

Take out the loops carefully from the chopsticks.

flowers with yarn

Roll the thing into a flower shape.

Another yarn flower can be made quite as easily.

Roll the yarn along one edge of the object you have. Before that keep a small piece of yarn along the object and then roll the yarn around this – this shall be the tie.

A scale will make a bigger petal. Make atleast 10 rolls.Tie with the horizontal yarn piece you have kept inside, at one edge. 

diy yarn flowers

Cut off the tie ends to form one petal. Make several like this.

Form them into a flower by stitching them at the middle with a hand sewing needle or thread. Attach beads or sequins at the center to hide the ties. 

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