How to fold fabric into a Needlebook

If you have a lot of hand sewing needles, you may have the same problems that I have. It will be dumped into a small plastic box and you will have difficulty finding the right needle for your projects without wasting a lot of time. And after some time rust can take hold of them, one by one. Then that is the beginning of the end. All of your needles are finished

Sometimes they are so jumbled, without any order that it will literally be “finding needle in a haystack”.

These problems can be easily solved by using a needle book. Making one is very easy. You just need a rectangular piece of felt. 

Felt is the best fabric for making a needle book. The needle just sink into the soft matty felt fabric; And the needles can be kept apart inside the needle book, safe and clean.

Needle book to store needles

How to make this needle book.

Cut out a felt piece 11 inches by 8 inches. Ensure that it is perfectly squared at the corners and the cutting is accurate and there is no stretching at all. 

Mark 11 inches by 8 inches felt material into 8 divisions

First fold it into 4 vertical divisions. Then fold by the horizontal central line. You are doing this to get the lines. You can mark with a chalk also.

Now slash through the central line from point A to B.

Cut the felt material by the middle 2 marks

Fold the felt by the horizontal line.

making needle book

You will get the felt like the picture above .

Now fold it in this manner.

Fold the felt so that the cut material is folded up and down

Fold all the felt folds together to either sides to make the book leaves.

Now brings the folds together

Fold again by the middle to make the book.

Fold felt like a book

Now use craft glue/ fabric glue inside the pages to keep them attached.

Use a small piece of thin ribbon to make a loop, at the center of the back of the book.


Sew a loop for fastening to a button

Attach corresponding button on the front of your needle book.

Attach button

Can anything be simpler than this.

You can add any embellishment you want on the front of the book. Stitch simple ribbon flowers or sew pretty buttons, attach sequins or stitch cute bead embroidery flower motifs – you have many choices.

You can keep a lot of needles in this book.

Place needles on each page

And some more!

Place other needles on adjacent pages

Every one of my needles is neatly and safely pinned inside my 10-minute sewing project Needle book.

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